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Tokyo International Forum, Marunouchi: Nature, Technology And History

Tokyo International Forum, Marunouchi: Nature, Technology And History

Translated by Jelena Kitamura

Written by UCHACA

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At Marunouchi stands the gloriously built Tokyo International Forum. There you will find a perfect harmony between Japan's nature, architecture, and history, a splendid coordination of space and light, which mesmerizes the world.


Today, we lead you to a place that is situated around five minutes from Tokyo Station. It is the place where the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building once stood tall , in Marunouchi in the Chiyoda district of Tokyo, close to the Imperial Palace.

Ever since 1991, when the Tokyo Government Office was moved to Shinjuku, another gigantic building was erected at the place of the old office – the so-called Tokyo International Forum. With exhibition halls, 33 conference rooms, and many other facilities, this building is often used to hold concerts and exhibitions of various sorts, large conferences and many other types of gatherings.

A Pleasant Exterior of Glass and Wood


You’ll find Tokyo International Forum standing tall in a business town of Tokyo. And perhaps the first thing to notice about the building itself will be the well-balanced, almost rhythmical relationship between the striking glass and its curvy lines and the straight and imposing wooden parts. Hordes of people visit this place by day and night, and there are plenty of special events held at the building’s square.

A Bilge-Style Roof and a Naturally Lit Interior


Only one step into the building will allow you to oversee all of its curvy glass walls. The glass hall that welcomes the visitors upon entering, 207 meters long, 57 meters high and 32 meters wide, is truly magnificent and is bound to take your breath away. The curved wooden walls give the whole glass structure a comfortable, cozy twist.


If you take a look up at the ceiling, you may be surprised when you discover how closely the large roof resembles a ship’s bottom. That was the creation of an architect residing in the USA Rafael Vinoly, a fellow associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects.


Owing to his ingenious design, although indoor, the interior seems more like an open space, liberating and free, with sunlight pouring in through the windows and lighting up the hall.

The Great Roof and its Structure


For those interested in how this gigantic roof was built, you can ride the elevator to take a sneak peek from up close!


You can also take a walk along the windows to admire the structure of the building as a whole.

The Protector of Edo Living in the Modern Architecture


Lastly, let us introduce a special statue of a warrior you can see standing aside of the building’s entrance. This is the statue of the former leader of Edo, what Tokyo was once called, named Ota Dokan. Five hundred years have already passed from the time he ruled and protected the city of Edo.

And one crucial detail – he is facing towards the Imperial Palace, where once stood proudly the Edo Castle. That is why it is said that he is still watching over the Imperial Palace, as well as the city of Tokyo.


Tokyo International Forum is a magnificent piece of art and architecture that gloriously represents the best of modern architecture, nature, and history. Take some time to witness its grandiose structure and interior with your own eyes.


Tokyo International Forum
Address: Tokyo, Chiyoda, Marunouchi 3-5-1
Hours: 9:00-17:00 (the glass tower until 24:00)
Closed: None
Nearest Station: Yurakucho Station
Access: a 1 minute walk from Yurakucho Station; a 5 minute walk from Tokyo Station (connected by B1F underground concourse with Tokyo Station of Keiyo Line)
Phone: 03-5221-9000
Website: Tokyo International Forum

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