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Kipposhi's Pink Valentine Chocolate Ramen - Only Until Valentine's Day

Kipposhi Ramen, famous for its blue ramen, has added many other creative ramen dishes to its menu. Every year around Valentine's Day, they release a chocolate-flavored ramen - a surprisingly delicious combination!

Kipposhi, a popular ramen restaurant in Tokyo is famous for its mysterious and delicious blue ramen that the owner Mr. Koizumi created back in 2016. The restaurant has since moved to Shibuya and their menu has been enriched with many other unique creations.

Kipposhi's Pink Valentine Chocolate Ramen - Only Until Valentine's Day

In recent years, Mr. Koizumi has created a chocolate-themed ramen for every Valentine's Day. After milk chocolate and white chocolate ramen, he has now introduced Pink Valentine Ramen to the menu. The dish will only be available until February 14, 2020 and costs for 1,000 yen.

Kipposhi's Pink Valentine Chocolate Ramen - Only Until Valentine's Day

One might think that combining ramen and chocolate might not be a good idea. However, light chicken soup, low-fat chicken breast, and creamy chocolate go amazingly well together! The pink chocolate has a berry flavor so it is slightly tart and very creamy. This flavor is slowly released into the ramen as the chocolate melts. It just adds a creamy taste to the soup and makes it slightly sweeter, but not too sweet.

If you like ramen and chocolate, the Pink Valentine Ramen is definitely worth a try. It will only be available for two weeks so don't miss out!

When the writer visited, the "Pink Valentine Ramen" wasn't mentioned on the menu. It was only announced on Kipposhi's Twitter so the best way to order it is to show this Twitter picture.

Written by Chiara Mischke

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