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Seasonal Cherry Blossom Sheet Masks

Seasonal Cherry Blossom Sheet Masks

Written by MATCHA-NEWS

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Some of the most popular Japanese sheet masks are available in spring versions that contain cherry blossom extract or cherry blossom fragrance. They make a great seasonal gift for yourself or for friends.

We have recently introduced Japanese sheet masks and how to use them in this article. For spring 2020, some of the most popular ones are available in cherry blossom versions.

Seasonal Cherry Blossom Sheet Masks

The multi-pack by CLEAR TURN is great value for money. One pack retails for about 1,200 yen and contains fifty sheets.

Seasonal Cherry Blossom Sheet Masks

The pinkish sheets are soaked in skincare ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin. The spring version is infused with cherry blossom extract and fragrance-free. However, a slight flower scent is detectable.

Seasonal Cherry Blossom Sheet Masks

CLEAR TURN also offers single packed cherry blossom sheet masks that are great for travel or as gifts.

The one on the left includes five sheets infused with hyaluronic acid and cherry blossom extract.

The package on the right contains is a seasonal edition of cherry blossom-fragranced sheet masks with royal jelly. It comes with four masks that promise twenty-four-hour care.

The two sheet mask packages above retail for about 600 yen.

Seasonal Cherry Blossom Sheet Masks

The "quick sheet masks" by Saborino, recommended for morning use, also come in a cherry blossom version. These sheets are meant to be left on for only one minute so they are great as a quick skin refresher.

These Saborino sheets contain cherry blossom fragrance and menthol, which might make them not suitable for sensitive skin. One package retails for about 1,000 yen and contains twenty-eight sheets.

The special sakura sheet maks are available at Japanese drugstores throughout the spring season.

Written by Chiara Mischke

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