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Starbucks Sakura Beverages And Goods - The First Sign Of Spring

Starbucks Japan releases its first round of cherry blossom-flavored beverages and goods for 2020. It includes a whole line-up of goods, as well as two sakura-flavored limited-edition beverages.

After announcing the Starbucks cherry blossom beverage available at the convenience stores, Starbucks Japan releases their in-store drinks for this spring.

Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuchino® and Sakura Milk Latte will be the first beverages anticipating the cherry blossom season.

Sakura Starbucks

The Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuchino® (tall 590 yen) will not only carry the signature Starbucks sakura flavor but also real cherry tree leaf extract. The new frappuccino also includes a generous helping of milk pudding that adds texture to the drink.

The Sakura Milk Latte blends cherry blossom flavor and milk. The beverage doesn't contain coffee. It retails for 450 yen (short), 490 yen (tall), 530 yen (grande), and 570 yen (venti).

Sakura Starbucks

The first round of sakura goods will be released as well along with the drinks. The lineup is as follows:

1. SAKURA 2020 tumbler with flower charm (355 ml) for 2,100 yen

2. SAKURA 2020 stainless logo A-line bottle (473 ml) for 4,100 yen

3. SAKURA 2020 stainless tumbler (473 ml) for 2,900 yen

4. SAKURA 2020 stainless mug (355 ml) for 2,800 yen

5. SAKURA 2020 cherry blossom-shaped mug (355 ml) for 2,100 yen

6. SAKURA 2020 stainless TO GO logo tumbler (355 ml) for 3,700 yen

7. SAKURA 2020 stainless bottle (480 ml) for 4,500 yen

8. SAKURA 2020 compact stainless bottle with petal design (400 ml) for 4,300 yen

9. SAKURA 2020 cup-shaped A-line stainless bottle (355 ml) for 4,000 yen

10. SAKURA 2020 bottle (355 ml) for 2,100 yen

11. SAKURA 2020 sunny bottle (500 ml) for 2,300 yen

12. SAKURA 2020 portable picnic mat for 2,500 yen

13. SAKURA 2020 cherry blossom-shaped heat-resistant glass mug (296 ml) for 2,200 yen

14. SAKURA 2020 mug (355 ml) for 2,000 yen

The sakura goods and beverages will be available from February 15, 2020. The two sakura beverages will only be around for ten days until February 25 while the goods will be available until sold out.

Starbucks Coffee Japan official website: (Japanese only)

Written by Chiara Mischke

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