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Evening Walk at the Sensoji Pagoda (Asakusa)

Evening Walk at the Sensoji Pagoda (Asakusa)

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Sensoji Temple is the symbol of Asakusa. It is Tokyo's oldest temple and a popular tourist destination. Let us take you on a majestic nighttime tour.

Translated by Daniel Hanrahan

Written by Hori Yuhei

夜の雷門、浅草寺と五重の塔 ライトアップ 2
Sensoji Temple is the symbol of Asakusa. It is Tokyo's oldest temple and is popularly known
throughout the country as Asakusa Kannon. It's also a popular spot for foreign tourists and, during the day, is crowded with worshipers.
Did you know, however, that Sensoji Temple, unlike many shrines and temples, can be visited after sunset? Sensoji Temple at night offers quite a different appearance to the worshipers than that of the daytime.
Using beautiful color photography, here now experience a virtual tour of the magnificent Sensoji
Temple, together with a night-time stroll through Asakusa.

Kaminarimon at Night - A More Powerful Presence

夜の雷門、浅草寺と五重の塔 ライトアップ 1

In celebration of the 400th anniversary of the transfer of government and capital from Kyoto to Edo (current day Tokyo), Sensoji Temple's main hall, the Five-Story Pagoda, Hozomon, and Kaminarimon are being illuminated as a daily ritual from sunset to 23:00.

This photo shows the night-time appearance of the famous Kaminarimon, the face of Asakusa. Even in its normal state it is a huge and powerful object, but being lit up at night it becomes a more dominant presence.

Reference Article: 'Kaminarimon', the Unchanged Symbol of Asakusa

Hozomon - Looming Large in the Night Sky

浅草 浅草寺 五重の塔 ライトアップ

Guarded by 2 deva kings is Hozomon (lit. Treasury Gate). Brilliant and colorful by day, it takes on an altogether different presence at night. Looming large yet dimly in the darkness, it gives one a strange kind of warm and frightening feeling at the same time.

夜の雷門、浅草寺と五重の塔 仁王尊像 ライトアップ 3
夜の雷門、浅草寺と五重の塔 ライトアップ 9

The muscles of the deva king are more clearly defined by the light and shade at night.

夜の雷門、浅草寺と五重の塔 ライトアップ 5

At the rear of Hozomon hangs a giant straw sandal to shock and dispel evil demons.

Standing Majestically, the Five-Storied Pagoda

夜の雷門、浅草寺と五重の塔 ライトアップ 8

Illuminated from below the Five-Storied Pagoda exudes a majestic presence.

Veiled in Silence is the Main Hall (Kannon)

夜の雷門、浅草寺と五重の塔 ライトアップ 4

Unfortunately, the main hall is not open to visitors at night. Visitors and worshipers must conclude their visit before 17:00. This quiet, calm atmosphere of the Kannon is recommended as a contrast to the usually crowded Sensoji temple by day. Although the main hall may be closed, you can still visit and make an offering or prayer.

夜の雷門、浅草寺と五重の塔 ライトアップ 7

Reflections of light make the now closed ornamental doors of the main hall appear even more brilliant.

夜の雷門、浅草寺と五重の塔 ライトアップ 10

The night time appearance of Tokyo's skyscrapers and high-rise buildings may indeed be beautiful, but the solemn beauty and majesty that is Sensoji Temple at night can only be seen here.

When you visit Asakusa, why not take in the history and fantasy of the nighttime atmosphere with a Sensoji Temple evening walk?


Sensoji Temple

Address: 2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Hours: Hozomon and the Five-Story Pagoda illumination run every day from sunset to 23:00. The various buildings are open from 6:00–17:00. From October to March, the opening time changes to 6:30.

Holidays: None

Wi-Fi: None

Multi-language Menu: English, Chinese, and Korean

Nearest station: Asakusa Station on all lines


5 minute walk from Asakusa Station on the Tobu Skytree line.

5 minute walk from Asakusa Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza line.

5 minute walk from Asakusa Station on the Tsukuba Express line.

5-minute walk from the A4 exit of Asakusa station on the Toei Asakusa Line

Religious Information: Buddhism

Tel: +81 (0)3-3842-0181

Official Website: Sensoji Temple

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