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Sanrio Face Masks are Back and Cuter Than Ever!

Sanrio Face Masks are Back and Cuter Than Ever!

Translated by Shannon McNaught

Written by HashimotoAkane

2015.09.08 Bookmark

Nourish your skin and become popular Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kuromi, and more!


We've introduced Hello Kitty Face Masks to you in a previous article:

Reference article: Become Hello Kitty Using Cute Hello Kitty Face Masks!

These unique Japanese face masks are back and better than ever! This time, you can become not only Hello Kitty, but also other popular Sanrio characters.

Who Else Can You Become Besides Hello Kitty?
Choose Your Face Mask!


"Hello Kitty Face Masks" were known for Hello Kitty's trademark ribbon and whiskers. What other characters will we see?


My Melody (top), Kuromi (bottom left), Kerokerokeroppi (bottom right)

Next to Hello Kitty in popularity, there's My Melody. There's also Kuromi, known for her black hood embellished with a cute skull and crossbones. There's even a Kerokerokeroppi mask, unique in its completely green color scheme! Which character should you become...? Just thinking about it makes me excited.

How You Enjoy Them is Up to You! What We Recommend:


You can transform into any character just by applying one of these "Narikiri Face Packs". In the 2nd edition of this line-up, not only have the characters changed, but the fun has changed, too!


You can leave the eyes and mouth open just like with a regular mask.

We closed the mouth piece of the mask to show off Kerokerokeroppi's cute smile. It's also a great way to care for your lips!


And when you close both the eye and mouth pieces...? You turn into My Melody?! You can't get masks like these anywhere else.

How will you wear your mask? Since there are 2 masks per pack, you can enjoy it both ways. It's almost like cosplay!

It's not just a cosmetic item, but also a form of entertainment. Have fun showing them off with your friends.

Get this One-of-a-kind Japanese Cosmetic item NOW!


It's not just cute. Just like the Hello Kitty Face Masks, these new masks provide outstanding care for your skin. You'll no doubt be satisfied with your smooth and supple skin the next day.

The 2nd edition face masks also include sweet scents like strawberry and vanilla. Try one out and enjoy every moment of your face mask's nourishing ingredients and relaxing scent.

You can enjoy this small luxury privately or with friends. You can't go wrong giving this unique Japanese souvenir as present!

You can grab one of these face masks at souvenir shops, general stores, and Asunarosha's Official Web Shop (Japanese)

Get excited for its release at the end of July!


Narikiri Face Pack, New Designs (Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kuromi, Kerokerokeroppi)
Sales Period: starting at the end of July 2015
Price: ¥864 (tax incl.)
Quantity: 2 sheet masks per package
Sales Locations: Asunarosha's Official Web Shop (*on sale starting in August)
Sanrio-ya in Tokyo Tower (limited)
Souvenir shops, general stores, and more
*They may sell out
Product Summary: Hello Kitty (red)...Rose scent
Hello Kitty (pink)...Sakura scent
Hello Kitty (purple)...Lavender scent
My Melody (red)...Strawberry essence
My Melody (pink)...Milk essence
Kuromi (black)...Pearl essence
Kerokerokeroppi (green)...Pearl essence
Ingredients (main): Water, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, fermented soybean extract

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