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Regional Form Card, from the Japanese Post Office: "Best Souvenir Ever!"

Regional Form Card, from the Japanese Post Office:

Translated by Hanni T.

Written by hyojeong kim

2015.08.03 Bookmark

The regional form card, a great souvenir, is available at post offices all over Japan.

What do you usually think about during your overseas trips? You could be thinking about the exciting trip soon to begin, or maybe the people you might encounter during the trip. Aren't you somewhat worried though, about what souvenirs you are going to take back home?

As a foreign student, I have traveled in Japan numerous times, and worried about my souvenir options during each and every trip.

I think things would have been easier if I had found out about this fantastic product earlier. The ''regional form card'' is certainly a wonderful souvenir I would like to introduce to you.

What is the ''Regional Form Card''?


A regional form card is a post card that you can purchase from post offices all over Japan. It features depictions of local attractions, or local favorites in an attractive style.

As its name suggests, these post cards are all regionally limited. Every one of Japan's 47 prefectures has its own original post card. Also, details about the picture is described on the back of the card.

Out of all these postcards, we would like to showcase a couple in specific.

Matcha's Choices - Some of the Best Postcards!


Tochigi's symbolic shrine, ''Tosho-gu'', has its famous three monkeys who hear, speak, and see no evil.


Hokkaido is the largest prefecture and its postcard features the tourist spot, "Former Hokkaido Government Office".


In addition to its famous beef tongue, as well as military commander Date Masamune, Miyagi prefecture's postcard depicts the well-known Japanese sweet, edamame rice cake.


In the town of "Barysan", Ehime, the famous Yuruchara, (※1)  has its "imabari towel" proudly depicted.

※1…A costumed mascot character created for PR purposes by local government departments.


Depicted on the postcard, is Ishikawa in the Hokuriku area which is known for its large number of beautiful women, and the ''Higashi Chaya District'' scenery, an area preserving the atmosphere of olden times.


Okayama's postcard features the "Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter".


With quite a number of wineries in Yamanashi, a grape-shaped postcard seems appropriate. How about taking this postcard along when visiting some local wineries here?


When it comes to Osaka, its the local favorite, ''Takoyaki''.

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The famous dolphin-like fish from Nagoya castle is featured on the card of Aichi prefecture.

There's still ore to go! Another way to enjoy these postcards!

Theses postcards are highly recommended as a souvenir since they are so tiny and light.
Plus there is another great way to enjoy these cute cards.


For example, this is Sunpu Castle in Shizuoka, which is depicted on its regional form card.


The only thing that came to mind when I'd hear Shizuoka before, was green tea.
However, I got to know about Sunpu Castle from the regional form card during my trip there. It made me realize that there is much more to Shizuoka than just green tea.

The regional form card can serve as a sort of tour guide!
Unfortunately though, the local post office is, so far, the only available source to purchase these cards; mail-order and online options are not yet available.


The only exception is Mt.Fuji, known for its height of 3776m. This post card is available in both Shizuoka and Yamanashi as it stretches over both prefectures.

How does all this sound then? The regional form card has solved all your problems. It serves as a souvenir, a token of your trip, and what's more, a local guide.

If you are planning a longer trip, it might be a good idea to write yourself a postcard. Please check out the regional form cards when traveling to Japan.


Regional form card
Price: 185 yen/each(tax included, stamps cost extra)
Retailer: Japanese Post Offices nationwide
Regional Form Card (Japanese)

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