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FANTA PREMIER GRAPE - Less Sweet, With Natural Fruit Juice

FANTA PREMIER GRAPE - Less Sweet, With Natural Fruit Juice

Written by MATCHA-NEWS

2020.04.10 Bookmark

The new FANTA PREMIER GRAPE is made with natural fruit juice and less sugar. A broader range of consumers can now enjoy the FANTA GRAPE flavor available in Japan.

The grape-flavored FANTA created by Fanta Japan went through a sophisticated make-over.

FANTA GRAPE is one of those drinks that anyone should try at least once when coming to Japan. It has been around for many years and is a flavor unique to Japan.

FANTA PREMIER GRAPE - Less Sweet With Real Fruit Juice

While it is tasty, like other Fanta drinks, it can be a little bit too sweet for some people's tastebuds. This is why Fanta Japan has created a new version of the beverage that meets the needs of a more "adult" clientele.

The new FANTA PREMIER GRAPE is less sweet and contains 13% natural grape juice.

The 380 ml bottle retails for 150 yen (before tax) and can be found in supermarkets and convenience stores Japan-wide. The product appears to have been added to the permanent Fanta product line.

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Written by Chiara Mischke

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