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Sweet And Salty KITKAT SNAX And Chocolate Beer

Sweet And Salty KITKAT SNAX And Chocolate Beer

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2020.07.13 Bookmark

KITKAT will release a sweet and salty snack called KITKAT SNAX in July 2020 alongside a chocolate-flavored beer to match the snack. The new product will be available for sale in Japan and in the USA.

KITKAT Japan surprises us with new exciting inventions every season but they are it is usually all about chocolate. For the first time ever, KITKAT releases a snack product that mixes sweet and salty flavors: KITKAT SNAX.

Sweet And Salty KITKAT SNAX And Chocolate Beer

The assortment in KITKAT SNAX includes KITKAT chocolate balls, salted roasted almonds, and rich cheese-flavored soybeans. The sweetness of KITKAT chocolate and the saltiness of almonds and soybeans make a great combination that goes very well with a variety of drinks.

Sweet And Salty KITKAT SNAX And Chocolate Beer

The new KITKAT SNAX apparently goes particularly well with beer so KITKAT collaborated with DD4D Brewing from Ehime to create a special type of beer. The Chocolate Almond Milk Stout Inspired by KITKAT is brewed with cacao powder used as an ingredient in KITKAT and has notes of chocolate and almond flavors. This chocolate ale is less carbonated, which makes it easy to feel the taste of all the ingredients.

Right now, the beer is only available for sale on DD4D Brewing's mail-order website in a set with KITKAT SNAX as a free gift.

The great news is that KITKAT SNAX will be available both in Japan and in the United States of America! The product will be released in Japan on July 20 and retails for 198 yen per pack.

DD4D Brewing Set:

Pictures courtesy of NESTLE JAPAN LTD. and DD4D Brewing

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