Many people will think of the anime and manga culture when talking about Japan. MATCHA×MANGA will answer questions that you might have about Japan through manga. Let's have a look at the Japanese culture along with Sakura, a middle school student from Asakusa, and Natalie and Adam, students from abroad studying in Japan.


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    A middle school student from Asakusa. She is cheerful and full of energy. She likes to play with her shiba inu dog Yomogi on her porch. Influenced by her grandmother, who teaches sado tea ceremony, Sakura participates in her school's sado club. She often goes out on weekends with Natalie and Adam and shows them around Tokyo.
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    A student from the US. She goes to the same school as Sakura. Natalie is mild-mannered and enjoys eating good food. Sushi triggered her interest in Japan. She participates in the cooking club of her school, and is especially good at making apple pie.
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    A student from Indonesia. He is in the same class as Sakura and Natalie. Adam loves to make people laugh. He also loves Japanese anime and manga, and studies Japanese through anime and manga works. He is in the tennis club and is often seen running along the Sumida River.

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Drawings by:Awang Saputra Original work by:Anna Suzuki