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Kagoshima prefecture is at the southernmost point of mainland Japan.

A two hour flight from Tokyo, Taiwan, or Shanghai will bring you to this region where you can enjoy abundant natural wonders, a unique culture, and plenty of delicious seafood dishes.

Each area with Kagoshima is blessed with its own characteristic points of interest; the plumes of smoke erupting from the grand and famous volcano Sakurajima, the rare sand hot spring of Tennensuna Mushi Onsen in Ibusuki, and the hot spring and trekking course filled Kirishima, to name just a few.

And, running 600 km from north to south, this vast prefecture is also where you will find 28 outer islands, giving Kagoshima the nickname 'the Outer Island Prefecture' as well. Kagoshima is also home to Japan's first UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, Yakushima, and the Amami Island Group which is now attempting to gain UNESCO recognition too. We can't help but recommend island hopping to each of these outer islands and taking in their own individual delights as well.

In this Special Feature, we will be introducing the charms of Kagoshima and its outer islands through articles on its culture, foods, and natural attractions.

The Charms Of Japan's Southernmost Region Kagoshima