Hokkaido is the northernmost prefecture of Japan and second largest of its islands. The capital city is Sapporo, where you will find the Sapporo Beer Museum, Odori Park and Sapporo Television Tower, where the internationally known Sapporo Snow Festival is held every winter, and many other amazing historical and cultural spots of note.

But Sapporo isn't the only city in Hokkaido: Hakodate is home to one of the best night views in all of Japan; Noboribetsu is one of the top hot springs in the country; Furano and Biei are filled with the lovely color and aroma of their famous lavender fields; Shiretoko and Obihiro are famed farming regions; Niseko is renowned for its ski resorts; Asahiyama has the incredible Asahiyama Zoo; and Otaru is a historical town known for its glassworks and romantic atmosphere.

While many might say that ramen is the most famous food from Hokkaido, the fresh seafood at Nijo Market in Sapporo and the perennial favorite souvenir sweet Shiroi Koibito may convince you otherwise.