Autumn leaves


Autumn is a season that is just as awaited in Japan as the season of the cherry blossoms. The whole country becomes shaded in reds and golds, and everyone is heading out for momiji-gari, or "maple leaf hunting". Check out the articles in this special feature on viewing the autumn leaves spots in Japan in 2017 to see how and where you can enjoy the highlights of this season!

Autumn In Japan 2017

Tokyo has lovely fall spots like Yoyogi Park and Shinjuku Gyoen to enjoy, and Kyoto is perhaps best known for Kiyomizudera and Kifune Shrine in autumn, which become even more charming as the summer heat gives way to crisp autumn days.

But you should definitely head out of the city to appreciate some of the lesser known, but incredibly beautiful sights in places like Hokkaido, Kamakura, Fukuoka, and Osaka if you want to savor the full depth of a Japanese autumn.
Autumn in Japan is also when you will find plenty of delicious fall sweets too, which make the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor sightseeing. Take a look around you and enjoy the incredible colors of fall in Japan this year!