Oguni - In the town of Oguni, Kumamoto prefecture, there are large onsen resorts such as Tsuetate Onsen and Waita Onsen Village. The region also boasts the famous Nabegataki Falls, a waterfalls you can see from behind, as well as local dishes which can be enjoyed only here. In addition, there are beautiful views such as the Sakura tree in Maebaru, or the great Gingko tree in Shimojo and the Cedar tree in Aso. The temples and shrines in the area have very particular features and a unique appearance. The Sakamoto Zensan Art Museum and the Kitazato Saburo Memorial House are also wonderful sightseeing places. There are many activities and things you can enjoy only in Oguni. Souvenirs made of local cedar wood and dairy products made with the milk of Jersey cows raised in Oguni are very popular among the visitors to this area. The aim of this special feature on Oguni is to let people from all around the world know the charms of this area. We hope that the number of visitors to Oguni will increase and that the great appeal of this area will be recognized worldwide.