Try Exclusive Ramen Dishes At Ichiran No Mori In Fukuoka!


Ramen is a popular dish in countries all over the world, and one particularly well-known chain of ramen restaurants is Ichiran, Inc. In this article, we will introduce Ichiran no Mori, the facility which supports those super-popular ramen restaurants.

ichirannomori-photo1Photo courtesy of: Ichiran, Inc.

Open since July 2014 in Itoshima, Fukuoka, Ichiran no Mori facility is a combined facility which places a manufacturing plant, museum and restaurant all side by side. The ingredients for 90,000 meals are produced here everyday, and shipped to Ichiran branches located both in Japan and overseas.

First, Head to the Tea Garden of Sound and Light


There is a route to take when going through Ichiran no Mori. On your first visit, follow the signs and go in the prescribed order: 1) the Tea Garden of Sound and Light, 2) the Delicious Ramen Manufacturing Plant, 3) the Tonkotsu Ramen Museum, 4) the restaurant, and 5) the souvenir shop.


First, let’s head to the Garden of Sound and Light, where the spacious grounds are covered in clovers.

ichirannomori-photo3.2Photo courtesy of: Ichiran, Inc.

You can also enjoy the illumination setup, which changes along with the perfect starry sky and the sounds of the area - we recommend visiting at night.

Infiltrate the Ichiran Manufacturing Plant, Where their Deliciousness is Born!


Next, let’s take a field trip to the manufacturing plant.


You can look through the glass to see a part of the noodle manufacturing process. However, the process for making the soup base which serves as the trump card for Ichiban’s flavors is a company secret, so you cannot watch it. The secret soup recipe is only known by the CEO and three artisans.

Approach the Allure of Tonkotsu Ramen at the Ramen Museum


Next, drop by the free ramen museum. Here you can learn about the history of tonkotsu ramen and the key points of the Ichiran company.


There are many illustrated panels inside the museum, making them easy to understand for young visitors.

Sate Your Stomach at the Restaurant


After touring the plant, buy a ramen ticket at the vending machine and try a bowl of noodles. Staff members will welcome you inside.


Wait inside until the staff brings you your order.


You can order additional food at the table, too. The menus are available in English, Chinese and Korean, so overseas visitors can feel at ease.

Sample Ichiran no Mori-Exclusive Ramen!

At Ichiran no Mori there are three types of ramen which you can choose from, and among those choices, you can sample the exclusive Jimi-style tonkotsu and the Ichiba-style tonkotsu ramen, which are on a weekly rotation. By all means, try them out!

** The exclusive ramen flavors are limited in quantity, and sales end when the restaurant runs out.

1. Natural Tonkotsu Ramen (Since Ichiran Was Founded)

ichirannomori-photo12(Photo courtesy of: Ichiran, Inc.)

When you mention Ichiran, this ramen, topped with the secret red sauce, comes to mind. If it’s your first time eating Ichiran ramen, we recommend this.

2. Healthy “Jimi-Style Tonkotsu” Ramen

ichirannomori-photo14(Photo courtesy of: Ichiran, Inc.)

The Jimi-style tonkotsu ramen has a characteristically rich soup. The balance between the specially made noodles and the soup is really excellent.

3. Mildly Flavored “Ichiba-Style Tonkotsu” Ramen

ichirannomori-photo15(Photo courtesy of: Ichiran, Inc.)

The Ichiba-style tonkotsu ramen has a characteristically light soup, and the mild flavors of the broth pair well with the roast pork. Check which one is currently available at the website.

Green Tea Almond Tofu with Beautifying Effects


There are other highly recommended dishes on their menu besides ramen, such as their green tea almond tofu. It has a creamy texture and the perfect mix of sweetness and bitterness from the tea (390 yen).

Buy Exclusive Items as Souvenirs!


Finally, drop by the souvenir shop.


This exclusive instant Ichiran ramen can only be purchased at shops in Fukuoka (one for 300 yen).


This is the Ichiran no Mori-exclusive Ranyu. An original Ichiran chili oil that uses Kyushu-sourced soy sauce and other ingredients, it is a very popular item that can only be purchased here. One 90g jar is 1500 yen.

In Closing

When you visit Fukuoka, visit Ichiran no Mori to have a fun time learning about Ichiran and tonkotsu ramen! You can easily get to Ichiran no Mori’s closest station (Susenji) via subway from Fukuoka Airport or Hakata Station, so by all means, check it out.


Ichiran no Mori
Address: Fukuoka, Itoshima, Shimamatsuguma 256-10
Hours: 10:00 - 25:00
Closed: No fixed holidays
Credit Cards: No
Nearest Station: Susenji Station
Access: 19 minutes by taxi from Susenji Station
Price range: Admission is free, 790 yen for one bowl of ramen
Phone: 092-332-8902
Homepage: Ichiran no Mori

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.