Healthy, Delicious Vegan Food At T's Tantan In Tokyo Station


As a nexus for Haneda and Narita airports, Tokyo Station provides easy access to metropolitan centers and sightseeing destinations all over the country. The vast majority of visitors to Tokyo will pass through this station.

At the Tokyo Station branch of T’s Tantan, located on the corner of Keiyo Street inside JR Tokyo Station’s ticket gates, you can enjoy unusual ramen that has been adapted for vegan diners.

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Tantanmen Noodles That Use No Products of Animal Origin

T’s Tantan offers a completely vegan menu; its dishes are made with no animal products. The dish we tried this time, the Green Tantan (900 yen), was no exception.

The soup had an addictively sweet and spicy flavor. Despite its richness, the lack of meat-based soup’s characteristic oily fattiness made it easy to slurp it all up. The noodles are not made from egg, but domestic spring wheat. The simple and charming flavor of the firm, chewy noodles forms a perfect pair with the sweet and spicy soup.

The noodles are generously topped with sesame, pumpkin seed, and mustard greens, giving them a playful appearance, and the crunchy texture of the seeds provide an interesting accent to each bite. Savor your colorful bowl!

This is the White Tantan (900 yen), a harmonious combination of pungent heat with fresh onion flavor. The refreshing lemon aftertaste will bring you back again and again. You can choose the spice level when you order, so decide how much heat you can handle.

Photos provided by: T's Restaurant

Photos provided by: T's Restaurant

T’s also offers soy sauce ramen (750 yen) and veggie tonkotsu ramen (800 yen). Naturally, everything on the menu is made to be enjoyed by vegan customers.

The ramen at T’s Tantan makes great use of vegetables, and is extremely easy to eat. We’d like you to try many different things on the menu and find your favorite.

The Mini Rice Bowl Set - Great Deal For Diners Who Want Something Heftier

For people who aren’t satisfied with just ramen, we recommend the mini rice bowl set. You can get a mini-sized rice bowl alongside your choice of ramen for an extra 300 yen. This time, we went with the karaage
fried chicken rice bowl.

Typically karaage refers to fried chicken, but T’s Tantan offers fried tofu meat. Its appearance, taste and texture rival that of chicken karaage.

There are three mini-sized rice bowl variations in total: karaage, curry, and bibimbap. Each one makes full use of vegetable flavors, so definitely try them for yourself.

T’s Tantan Aims For High-Quality Food For Any Type of Customer

There is no shortage of people who think of vegan cuisine as being “healthy, but not very tasty.”

At T’s Tantan, the cooks are dedicated to thinking up cooking techniques and working on food texture, in order to serve carefully-prepared dishes. With concepts intended to delight the senses, the tastes, aromas, textures and appearances of the various menu offerings are something to look forward to.

In addition to ramen, the main branch of T’s Tantan in Jiyugaoka also serves Western food, sweets, and other vegan dishes.

Photos provided by: T's Restaurant

With an ample variety of menu items, men and women of all ages can find something to enjoy at T’s Tantan. We highly recommend this restaurant to the vegetarian eater who is worried about finding good food in Japan.

When you come to Tokyo Station, where people from all parts of the globe come together, head to T’s Tantan for a meal to add some vegan spice to your Tokyo trip!


T's Tantan, Tokyo Station Keiyō
Street Branch

Address: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1 Chome-9-1 Marunouchi, 1F Yaesu South Exit
Operating hours: 07:00 - 23:00 (last order at 22:30)
Days off: None
Wi-Fi: No
Credit cards accepted: Yes, all cards accepted
Foreign language support: Some English
Foreign language menus: English, Simplified Chinese
Closest station and access: Inside the ticket gates of JR Tokyo, on Keiyo Street
Price range: 800 to 1500 yen
Religious accommodations: All menu items are vegan and vegetarian
Phone number:
Homepage: T's Tantan, Tokyo Station Keiyō Street Branch

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