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Feel at Home in Japan


Tokushima prefecture is located in Japan's Shikoku region.The Whirlpool Current of Naruto, one of the world's three great currents, Oboke-kyo Gorge, which a famous destination for rafting, the Iya region, which is believed to be a sacred area - all these famous places are examples of the majestic nature found in Tokushima.

It is also a region where ancient traditional culture is still alive. The traditional dyeing craft called Awa-ai (also known as "Japan Blue"), the Awa-odori dances performed at a large scale festival that involves the whole prefecture - these are just some examples of the traditions you can witness by spending some time in Tokushima.

Moreover, if you visit the town of Udatsu, where there are still old houses that used to belong to the merchants of the Edo period (1603-1868), or the Ochiai village, known for its idyllic landscape, you would be able to meet "traditional Japan", the one which travelers dream of and the locals think nostalgically about.