Sakura - Enjoy The Cherry Blossom Season!

Spring has officially started in Japan, and that means it’s time for the cherry blossoms to bloom! Two key terms that you will want to know are sakura, cherry blossoms, and hanami, a cherry blossom viewing party. These words will be everywhere during the short blooming season of the cherry trees, and can help you to find even more exciting things to enjoy in Japan during the spring.

The annual rite of viewing the sakura and holding a party under their blooms has existed for centuries in Japan, and is a ritual that visitors will not want to miss out on, while sweets, drinks and souvenirs featuring this pink petalled blossom are everywhere. In this special feature dedicated to sakura, we will be sharing our top spots to see the cherry blossoms, where you can find sakura themed foods, products, and souvenirs, as well as tips in order to have the most perfect hanami party of all.