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Chotokuji Temple
Chotokuji Shukubo

Chotokuji, a temple with a long history dating back to the Edo period There is a theory that this temple was dedicated to Benkei's father, Benshin. The temple where the funeral of Kenji Nakagami, a famous writer in Shingu, was held.  10 minutes walk to Hayatama Taisha Shrine, a world heritage site. Chotokuji Shukubo is a 5-minute walk from Kamikura Shrine. You can experience temple experiences such as copying sutras, reading sutras, and meditating. Also, during the season, you can enjoy various experiences such as playing in the river, rice planting, fruit harvesting, shiitake mushroom harvesting, and bamboo shoot digging. There is also a one-day Shingu tour plan.

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