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Nasushiobara City Tourism Bureau, General Incorporated Association
A historic Shiobara Onsen and Itamuro Onsen loved through the ages, and a scenic village full of natural charm.

Nasushiobara is located in the northern part of Tochigi Prefecture, approximately 150 km from the metropolitan area, and is easily accessible from the metropolitan area, taking just over an hour by bullet train or about 2 hours by car. Nasu-Shiobara City is full of hot springs along the valley, scenery of mountains and rivers, and vast natural beauty, and is full of spots that can be enjoyed throughout the four seasons: fresh green spring, cool summer, autumn leaves, and snowy winter scenery. In the Shiobara area, there are 7 suspension bridges such as ``Red Suspension Bridge'' and 10 bridges such as ``Ryuka no Taki'' centered around the valley, which convey the breath of nature. In the Kuroiso area, you can enjoy a wide variety of scenery, including the famous flower park in the city, the Numabara Wetland and Kinomata Valley in the mountains. After enjoying nature, enjoy the two major hot springs that Nasu-Shiobara is proud of. ``Shiobara Hot Spring Village'', a rich source of hot springs with 6 out of 10 types of hot springs existing in Japan, and approximately 150 hot springs, and ``Shimono Medicinal Hot Spring'', which is located in a mountainous area full of nature and has been designated as a national recreational hot spring area.・Relax in the hot spring bath at Itamuro Onsen. It is also part of the Nikko National Park area, and there are many scenic spots such as beautiful valleys, wetlands, waterfalls, and suspension bridges, and the rich natural scenery shows off its seasonal features such as fresh greenery, autumn leaves, and snowy scenery. In addition, Nasunogahara, which stretches to the north of Tochigi Prefecture, was once a wilderness area that was cultivated by our ancestors from the Meiji period onwards, and has developed into one of the nation's leading dairy farming areas. The romantic story set in Nasunogahara, ``The future envisioned by Meiji aristocrats: Romantic tales of Nasunogahara pioneering,'' has been designated as a Japanese heritage site. Today, it is still one of the most active dairy farms in the country, with vast pastures, and boasts the second largest raw milk production in the country, and there are many shops in the city that serve exquisite gourmet food made with fresh milk. We also have a wide selection of dairy products such as processed cheese and butter!

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