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Kawachinagano City
Japan Heritage Town Kawachinagano

Kawachinagano City is located in the southeastern part of Osaka Prefecture, bordering Nara Prefecture and Wakayama Prefecture, and is an area rich in nature, with approximately 70% of the city area surrounded by forests. In 2019, the city was named ``Step Back into Japan's Middle Ages - a treasure trove of medieval cultural heritage that has been preserved for a thousand years -'' and in 2020, it was named ``Nyonin Koya,the women's sacred Koyasan~A timeless sacred healing site~''and There are three Japan heritages: ``Katsuragi Shugen - the birthplace of Shugendo, which is protected and passed on together with the local people''. The city has been an important transportation hub for many people since ancient times, as it has many intersecting roads including Koya Kaido, Osawa Kaido, and Amano Kaido. There are also Kanshinji Temple, Amanosan Kongoji Temple, and Enmeiji Temple, all of which are connected to important historical figures such as Enno Gyoja, said to be the founder of Shugendo, and Kukai, the founder of Koyasan. The temple and shrine still remain today. In addition, Mt. Iwawaki, which still has a rich natural environment, is connected to the Katsuragi peaks that rise on the border between Wakayama, Osaka, and Nara, and is where Shugendo ascetics still practice there. As such, the area has been designated as one of the three Japan heritages because of its rich nature, history, and culture, which are still alive and well today.

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