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Tsururin Seisha Co., Ltd.
A trip to meet Real Japan here in Minobu

Minobu in Yamanashi Prefecture has the head temple of the Nichiren sect. About 550 years ago, the 11th head priest of Kuon-ji Temple. He was taken. In addition to the dignified and tranquil atmosphere of the historical wooden building, the grounds include Nicho-do donated by the Tokugawa family and a Japanese garden designed by Muso Kokushi. It is a space where beauty is condensed. What fills such a place is the hospitality of the friendly and warm proprietress and staff. Hearing the voices of customers who were impressed by such high-quality service, many travelers come from overseas now. Our pride is our kosher and vegan-friendly Shojin cuisine and many activities where you can experience Buddhist culture. For example, plenty of local products such as Akebono soybeans and yuba (tofu skin), we have a "festival experience". It is a real Japan activity where you can enjoy the traditions, culture and crafts rooted in Minobu. All the staff are looking forward to meeting you in Minobu.

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