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Wakayama City Tourism Association
A repose with a long history that is loved by all residents, with a pleasant tranquility that cannot be found in the city.

Wakayama City is easily accessible, taking about an hour by train or car from Osaka City, and about 40 minutes by shuttle bus or train from Kansai Airport. There is a rich greenery here. Kada and Wakaura are famous scenic spots facing the sea. Historical and cultural facilities such as Wakayama Castle and Kimiidera Temple are also popular. The climate is mild all year round due to the influence of the Kuroshio Current. Fisheries and agriculture are thriving, and seafood caught in the sea in front of you and agricultural products are specialties. In addition, there are 14 hot spring lodging facilities, and the residents are friendly, so you can spend your time relaxing. It is an excellent sightseeing spot with nature, scenery, food, and hot springs.

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