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Yura Town, Wakayama Prefecture
Japan's Aegean Sea "Shirasaki Ocean Park" / Soy Sauce Tradition Temple "Koukokuji" / Birthplace of Extremely Fast Mandarin Orange "Yura Wase" / Phantom Fish Grouper

Yura Town is located between Wakayama City in the northern tip of Wakayama Prefecture and Shirahama, a famous tourist destination. The Shirasaki Coast, which is designated as a Wakayama Prefectural Natural Park, is famous for its beautiful white cliffs made of limestone and the beautiful blue sea. At the cape of the Shirasaki coast, there is "Shirasaki Ocean Park" where the entire park is a roadside station, where you can enjoy camping and diving, as well as a product sales shop and a facility where you can eat using local ingredients. Shirasaki Ocean Park is often featured in media such as TV commercials and magazines, and was also used as a filming location for the music video of HYDE of L'Arc-en-Ciel, an artist from Wakayama Prefecture.

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