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Kawata Construction Co., Ltd.
Create energy in our town.

A long time ago, the earth's plates collided here over a long period of time, creating a group of volcanoes such as Mt. Fuji and a magnificent plateau. The falling snow and rain were sucked into the lava layer and turned into beautiful groundwater, which gushed forth in various places at the foot of the mountain. Seeking abundant water, creatures gathered, people lived, and cities were created. Mishima on the Izu Peninsula has a magnificent story of the earth that is unique in the world. We Kawata grew up here. Accurately grasp the terrain, understand the depths of the ground, calculate the flow of water, wind and rain, and the flow of time to create a strong structure. Civil engineering is a dialogue between the earth and humans. Building a foundation to live on. On top of that foundation, architecture builds a stage that nurtures people's lives, industries, and culture. For over 70 years, we at Kawata have helped create harmony between the sometimes harsh nature and people's lives through our civil engineering and construction businesses. Through many experiences, we have forged the technology to shape the town.

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