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Mitoyo Tourism and Exchange Authority
Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, where Japan's Uyuni salt lake "Chichibugahama" and the superb view of cherry blossoms "Mt. Shiude"

Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, is famous for Chichibugahama Beach, which is called the best sunset spot in Japan. In addition to Chichibugahama, there are many jewel-like landscapes scattered throughout the area, such as Mt. Shiude, which is popular during the cherry blossom season, Shikoku's 88 sacred sites, and Tsushima Shrine, which floats on the sea. It takes about an hour by car from Takamatsu to Mitoyo, so you can enjoy it on a day trip. Mitoyo City is also conveniently located for visiting popular tourist destinations such as Kotohira, Dogo Onsen, and Iya. It is also a perfect base for traveling around Shikoku over several days.

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