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Ogawara Town Commerce and Tourism Division
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People started living in Ogawara-machi from the early Jomon period (approximately 6,000 years ago). A keyhole-shaped burial mound (Shimadate Kofun) was built in the Kojima area around the 4th or 5th century, suggesting that a powerful ruling family lived in this area. From the Nakayashiki-mae ruins, which are remains from the Heian period, it was confirmed by excavation that a tile-roofed foundation stone building had been built. You can see that it was the earth. In the Edo period, it became a post town on the Oshu Highway and prospered as a center of rice and safflower production. In addition, Okawara was under the direct control of the Sendai Domain, and the magistrate's office and Mikariya, which was the lodging facility for the domain lord, were located there. After the Meiji period, branch offices of the national and prefectural governments were placed in the town, and it developed as a town of government offices.

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