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Beppu Tower, the symbol of Sento

Beppu Tower was completed on May 10, 1957. It was conceived as the centerpiece facility of the Beppu Onsen Tourism Industry Expo, and was built by Beppu Tourism Development Co., Ltd., which was established by local businessmen at the time. From the observation deck of Beppu Tower, which was built almost in the center of Beppu city area, which is an alluvial fan with Beppu Bay in the main direction and Mt. You can see tourist attractions in the city such as Mt. Takasaki, which has a natural zoo that you can observe up close, and depending on the weather, you can even see Cape Sada in Shikoku in the distance. The height of 55 meters above the ground is not at all attractive for an observation deck, but it was exquisitely set in order to enjoy the powerful 360-degree scenery of Izumito Beppu to the fullest. Mr. Tatsu Naito, who designed Beppu Tower, is known as the "father of earthquake-resistant structures" and has built steel towers such as the former Nagoya TV Tower, Tsutenkaku, Beppu Tower, Sapporo TV Tower, Tokyo Tower, and Hakata Port Tower (in order of completion). He is an architectural structural engineer who has worked on many projects, and is also known as the ``Tower Doctor.'' It was designated as a national "registered tangible cultural property" in 2007, and in 2023, as part of the 65th anniversary project, large-scale renovation work will be carried out to recreate the exterior color of the tower at the time of its completion. Additionally, the total length, which was 100m at the time of completion, has been restored. The [Sea, Mountain, and Yunomachi Observation Deck] located on the 16th and 17th floors not only allows you to enjoy the impressive scenery mentioned above, but also has exhibits where you can learn about the history of Beppu Tower, a TV telescope, and a counter where you can take a leisurely view of Beppu Bay. There are seats, a Kukoishi stage that you can enjoy at night, a Galaxy Walk where you can experience a mini-space trip, and a shop with original goods from Beppu and Beppu Tower. On the Kitahama Deck on the 5th floor, there is a grassy space where you can look up at the steel tower right in front of you. You can access the intermediate observation deck on the 7th floor from here. On the second floor, you can find works by celebrities at the [Beppu Art Museum]. Over 400 paintings and works of art, mainly by Japanese celebrities, are on display. Special exhibitions are also held from time to time. Beppu Tower will continue to be loved by people and watch over the times as a landmark of Izumiya Beppu.

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