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Ōita Prefecture


Japan is famous for its hot springs. Among all the regions of the country especially Ōita prefecture, located in northern Kyushu, is blessed with the most numerous hot springs and is known as Japan's No. 1 onsen region.

Beppu and Yufuin are onsen areas famous worldwide, but in addition to these areas there are many more hot springs all around Ōita. Each and one of them has particular features. Some of these hot springs are known for their beautifying effects, others have an otherworldly appearance and are to be enjoyed only with the sight, while some of the hot springs are used to make specialty foods. Each time you go you will discover something new about this wonderful region.

What makes Ōita a special place are not only its great onsen. The local cuisine is also unique and highly acclaimed. Excellent Bungo beef with soft texture and sweet flavor, Seki horse mackerel and other fresh seafood, shiitake mushrooms and kabosu (a type of citrus fruit) - these are only some of the local products that will make a trip to Ōita an unforgettable experience.

Moreover, in Ōita there several towns with a unique atmosphere. Hita city, with its charming traditional townscape that reminds of the Edo period, the castle town Kitsuki where it is enjoyable to stroll around wearing a kimono, Takeda - with its majestic Kuju Plateau, or Kokonoe, which is a national park - these are only some of the areas that will leave a deep impression upon the visitors.

We would like all the travelers to Japan to know the wonderful places and attractions that make Ōita prefecture a great travel destination. It is for this reason that MATCHA launched this special feature on Ōita Prefecture.