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Kojima jeans street

Japan, Kojima Mino, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture 711-0913

Kojima Jeans Street is attracting attention in Kojima, the sacred place for domestic jeans. Local jeans manufacturers are lined up along the approximately 400m street from the ``Former Nozaki Family Residence'' to the Nozaki Monument. Recently, many tourists from overseas have been visiting here, as they can purchase the original jeans made by the world-famous Japan Denim brand. The surrounding area is full of attractive shops and cafes selling everything other than jeans, making it an area you can enjoy all day long.

Telephone number 086-441-9127
  • ・Seto Chuo Expressway: Approximately 10 minutes from Kojima IC or approximately 15 minutes from Mizushima IC ・Approximately 15 minutes walk from Kojima Station on the JR Seto Ohashi Line, or approximately 3 to 6 minutes by bus (in front of Kojima Bunka Center, Taisho Bridge, and Nozaki Family Former Residence) *Bus stops vary depending on the route
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