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Kindaichi Hot Spring

Japan, Part of Ninohe City, Iwate Prefecture 028-5711

Kindaichi Onsen is also known as Yuda Onsen. 20 minutes by car from Ninohe Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen, take Route 4, go under the Kindaichi Onsen welcome tower, and cross the Mabechi River to reach the hot spring town. The spring quality is a simple hot spring, located in a quiet rural area along the Mabechi River. It has been used by long-distance travelers as a relay station to Lake Towada, a national park, and the Rikuchu coast, which is known for its ria coastline. The hot springs have a long history, having been discovered in 1626. During the Edo period, it was designated as a hot spring resort by the Nanbu clan, and is said to have been crowded with many visitors from neighboring areas. There are 10 ryokan inns in the hot spring town, and among them, there is a ryokan where a "zashikiwarashi" appears, a divine spirit that is said to live in an old family's home and protect it, and whoever meets it is said to be blessed with good luck.

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Telephone number 0195-43-3213
  • 30 minutes by bus from JR Tohoku Shinkansen Ninohe Station. 5 minutes by bus from IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway Kindaichi Onsen.
Language 日本語
Other Simple hot spring
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