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Kumano Hongu Hot Spring Village (Yunomine, Kawayu, Watase)

Japan, Part of Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture

A hot spring in the mountain gorge quietly raising steam in the mountains of Kumano. There are three hot springs here: Yunomine Onsen, Kawayu Onsen, and Watase Onsen. Yunomine Onsen is known for the legend of Princess Oguri Hangan Terute. There are more than 10 hot spring sources, including the Tsuboyu, which is said to change color seven times a day. The hot spring is said to have been discovered by Kumano no kuni no tsukuri Daiatoshini during the reign of Emperor Seimu. . As the name suggests, Kawayu Onsen is a hot spring where hot water flows from the river. The Oto River flowing in front of the hot springs springs out wherever you dig in the 100-meter stretch of the hot spring town, so you can make a hot tub by digging where you like, and if it's hot, draw water from the river to adjust the temperature. You can have your own private open-air bath full of rustic charm. Also, in winter, a large open-air bath “Sennin-buro” appears for a limited time. Watase Onsen is a relatively new small hot spring located along the Shimura River, roughly halfway between Kawayu and Yunomine. In addition to inns and guesthouses, there are Kurhaus and campsites. The Kurhaus has seven types of baths for men and women, a training room, a massage room, a rest room, and an outdoor hot spring pool. There are campsites and bungalows nearby, and in the river in front of the campsite you can play in the water and fish, and refresh your mind and body while having fun.

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Telephone number 0739-26-9929
Website https://www.city.tanabe.lg.jp/kanko.html
  • 60 minutes by bus from Shingu Station on the JR Kisei Main Line.
Language 日本語
Other (Yunomine) Sulfur spring (Kawayu) Simple hot spring (Watase) Chloride spring
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