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Yuki/Yunoyama Onsen

Japan, Part of Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture

Yuki Onsen, which is called “Hiroshima's inner parlor,” is said to have been the source of a hot spring in ancient times, where injured white herons healed their wounds by the banks of a mountain stream. Surrounded by greenery and clear streams, the ryokan town has a quiet appearance and boasts the largest hot spring area in Hiroshima Prefecture, where there are few hot springs. Yunoyama Onsen, another famous hot spring located 10 minutes by car from Yuki Onsen, is a historic hot spring resort that prospered as a hot spring resort for Lord Asano during the Edo period. At "Yunoyama Onsenkan" located at the top of the slope and stairs, there is a famous cascading bath, which is used as a hot spring cure. “Kurhaus Yunoyama,” which has a variety of hot tubs that make use of the history and benefits of hot springs, is also very popular. Since Yuki Onsen was designated as a national hot spring resort in 1955, and Yunoyama Onsen was designated as a national hot spring resort in 1962, both of these hot spring resorts have become popular hot spring resorts. Also, in July 1991, the efficacy and natural environment of both hot springs were recognized, and they were selected as a national health hot spring area by the Environment Agency. The popular hot spring is a colorless, transparent, tasteless, odorless, weakly radioactive spring containing radon.  Yuki-cho's four seasons begin with the lifting of the ban on amago fishing on March 1st, followed by hiking in the fresh greenery, and in early summer you can enjoy the voices of sculpins and the flight of naturally breeding fireflies. In autumn, Ishigaya Gorge and Kaji Gorge, where you can enjoy autumn leaves viewing, and mountain climbing are great. In April 2005, it merged with Hiroshima City, and Mt. Omine (1050m) became the city's highest peak.  45 minutes by car to the city center where the Peace Memorial Park and the Atomic Bomb Dome are located, and to Miyajima. It is also ideal as a tourist lodging base.

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  • About 70 minutes by bus from Itsukaichi Station on the JR Sanyo Main Line.
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