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Takeda onsen (Nagayu, Kusumi, Takeda, Ogi)

Japan, 8043-1 Nagayu, Naoiricho, Taketa City, Oita Prefecture 878-0402

The Takeda Onsen Group consists of Nagayu Onsen, which boasts some of Japan's leading carbonated springs, Kuju Kogen Onsen, which boasts a vast location with an abundance of spring quality and benefits, and Takeda and Ogi Onsen, which have hot springs in the castle town area of Okashiro 70,000 koku and rural areas. be done. The length of history and the quality of the springs differ, but Nagayu Onsen in particular has a high carbonate content, making it a rare hot spring in Japan. Carbon dioxide gas is contained in hot spring water, so to speak, it is a “natural soda hot spring”. In 1933, Dr. Takeyuki Matsuo of Kyushu Imperial University studied the effects of carbonated springs at Nagayu Onsen. A doctor who studied spa therapy in Germany introduced Nagayu Onsen as a ferric carbonated spring, which is rare in the world, and wrote a song, ``The hot water of Nagayu is effective when drunk, and after a long bath, it is a medicine for the heart, stomach, and intestines.'' left. In 1989, in order to learn from Germany, a country with advanced hot spring treatments, the city of Bad Krozingen formed a friendship and after that, the hot spring recuperative culture center "Gozenyu" and the German-style hot spring facility were built. You can also enjoy German wines that are imported directly to the restaurant. In addition, since 2011, we have been promoting the creation of an environment where people can experience the effects of hot springs, and are creating a system (modern hot spring cure system) that enhances the natural healing ability and immunity while enjoying hot springs and refreshes the mind and body. In parallel with the verification of the system (hot spring medical treatment health system) that applies to stays for hot spring medical treatment in the form of health benefits for accommodation and bathing (those who stay at the target facility for 3 nights or more during the period) We are conducting demonstration experiments to develop programs such as

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Telephone number 0974-63-1111
  • (Nagayu) 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from Oita Station on the JR Nippo Main Line. 30 minutes by car from Bungo-Takeda Station on the JR Hohi Main Line. (Kusumi Onsen Village) 30-40 minutes by car from Bungo-Taketa Station on the JR Hohi Main Line (Takeda) 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from JR Nippo Main Line Oita Station. A 5-minute walk from Bungo-Takeda Station on the JR Hohi Main Line. (Ogi) 30 minutes by car from Bungo-Taketa Station on the JR Hohi Main Line. Or 5 minutes by car from Bungo Ogi Station on the JR Hohi Main Line. From Kumamoto: 2 hours by car from Kumamoto Airport. 2 hours and 30 minutes by car from JR Kumamoto Station.
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