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Nyohoji Temple

Japan, 795-0011 943 Yuzuki, Ozu City, Ehime Prefecture

This temple belongs to the Myoshinji sect of the Rinzai sect, which was built by Yasuoki Kato, the second lord of the Ozu domain, as the founder of Bankei Eitaku. The Buddha Hall of Nyohoji Temple has an unusual structure that doubles as a Zendo.The main image of Buddha, Shakyamuni Nyorai, is enshrined in the center of the building, making it a space for the Buddha hall, but on both sides there are tatami mats for monks to practice. There is a space provided. The Buddhist temple has also been designated as a national important cultural property.

Telephone number 0893-24-3505
Wi-Fi No
Language 日本語
Last Update : 2024.02.14   Ozu City, Ehime Prefecture

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