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Mie Prefecture Gokoku Shrine

Japan, 387 Hiroakicho, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture 5140006

This shrine is located right in front of the west exit of Toyoko Inn Tsu Station. Yasukuni Shrine and Gokoku Shrine enshrine the spirits of heroes who served as the foundation of peace and prayed for the prosperity of the homeland, and enshrine more than 63,000 pillars associated with Mie Prefecture. . In addition to visiting and praying, carp streamers are displayed as annual festivals during the Boy's Festival in May, and during the summer purification ceremony in June, people step through the grass rings set up to remove the sins and impurities of the past six months. The Mitama Festival is held in August. It is a summer festival where approximately 6,000 paper lanterns and paper lanterns are hung on the grounds to calm the souls of the spirits of the dead. You can watch the festival from your hotel room. The goshuin stamps that change every month are also famous.

Business Time
  • Monday:  9:00~16:00
  • Tuesday:  9:00~16:00
  • Wednesday:  9:00~16:00
  • Thursday:  9:00~16:00
  • Friday:  9:00~16:00
  • Saturday:  9:00~16:00
  • Sunday:  9:00~16:00
Telephone number 059-226-2559
  • 1 minute walk from the west exit of Toyoko Inn Tsu Station 3 minutes walk from the west exit of JR/Kintetsu Tsu Station
Language 日本語
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