• March Sasayama ABC Marathon

    Sasayama ABC Marathon is held every year in early March. The route is authorized by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations as the Sasayama Joseki Marathon Course, and this marathon welcomes an average of 10,000 participants. The start line is at the Sasayama City Hall, and the participants run in the general east-west direction, returning to the Sannomaru Hiroba at Sasayama Castle.


    Sasayama ABC Marathon Address: Hyogo, Sasayama, Kita-shinmachi/Sannomaru Hiroba of Sasayama Castle Telephone: +81-79-552-5960 URL: (Japanese) Access: From the JR Sasayamaguchi Station of the Fukuchiyama Line, take the Shinki Green Bus bound for Sasayama Eigyosho, and get off at “Nikaimachi” bus stop. It is a five minute walk to the start line. Date: March Entry Fee: 5800 yen
  • April Nishiki’s Rhododendron Festival

    You can experience the beautiful rhododendrons that grow in northwestern Sasayama. The best time of year to see them is at the end of April; the Nishiki Rhododendron Festival is held annually around this time at Kuromame no Yakata.


    Title: Nishiki’s Rhododendron Festival Address: Sasayama City, Shimoitai 511-2 Kuromame no Yakata Tel: 079-590-8077 (Kuromame no Yakata)、079-552-1111 (Sasayama City Commerce and Industry Sightseeing Division) URL: Version) Access: JR Fukuchiyama Line (Get off at Sasayamaguchi Station and take the Shinki green bus towards Kusayama Onsen. Get off at Itai). 6 minutes on foot.
  • April The Sasayama Kasuga Noh Performances

    Every year, at the beginning of April, a Noh theater performance called “Sasayama Kasuga Noh” is held on the Noh stage of the Kasuga Shrine.


    Name: Sasayama Kasuga Noh Address: Sasayama city, Kurooka 75 Kasuga Shrine Noh stage TEL: 079-552-5792 (Sasayama Office for Education – Cultural Heritage Section) URL: Access: Sasayama-guchi Station on the JR Fukuchiyama Line. Get off here and take the Shinki Green Bus heading to Sasayama Eigyosho. Get off at “Kasuga Jinja Mae” bus stop. Perfomance dates: The beginning of April each year Tickets: Adults – Advance Tickets 5000 yen (on the day 5500 yen), Middle and highschool students – Advance Tickets 1000 yen (on the day – same price) * The price of the tickets is subject to change.
  • April Tamba Sasayama Cherry Blossom Festival

    The Tamba Sasayama Cherry Blossom Festival is held during the second weekend of April, when the cherry blossoms decorate the castle town with Sasayama Castle at its center, at Sasayama Castle Sannomaru Square.


    Name: Tanba Sasayama Cherry Blossom Festival Address: Sasayama, Kitashinmachi Sasayama Castle Sannomaru Square Phone: 079-506-1535 (Tanba Sasayama Tourism Association), 079-552-3380 (Sasayama Tourism Information Desk) Website: (English) Access: Exit at Sasayamaguchi Station on the JR Fukuchiyama Line, approximately a 5 minute walk from the Nikaimachi stop bound for the Shinki Green Bus Sasayama Business Office Date: The second weekend of April
  • May Start Of The Mountain-Climbing Season At Tamba Sasayama

    May is the beginning of the mountain-climbing season. The mountains of Tamba Sasayama are opened to the public every May. At the Tamba Sasayama Yamabiraki (Tamba Sasayama start of mountain-climbing season) events, challenges are offered to four different mountains: Taki Renzan, Yajurogatake, Oyasan, and Miyama.


    Name: Tamba Sasayama Yamabiraki Date: May Price: Free Website:
  • May Tambayaki Pottery At Yakimono No Sato Harumonogatari

    Tambayaki is considered one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan. In Sasayama, an event called “Yakimono no Sato Harumonogatari” is held annually during the long holiday season in May. During the festival, guests can have a look inside Tambayaki potteries.


    Name: Yakimono no Sato Harumonogatari Venue: Tambayaki potteries, Tachikui Seunosato, Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo, Konda Yakushi Onsen Nukumori no Sato Address: Sasayama, Kondacho TEL: +81-79-597-2034(Tachikui Suenosato), +81-79-597-3961(Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo), +81-79-590-3377(Konda Yakushi Onsen Nukumori no Sato) Website: Access: From JR Fukuchiyama Line Aino Station, ride the Shinki Gree Bus for Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo (Hyogo Togei Bijutsukan) or for Kiyomizudera and alight at Suenosatomae or Hyogo Togei Bijutsukan. Dates: May 


  • August Sasayama Dekansho Festival

    Tamba Sasayama Dekansho Matsuri (Festival) is a folk song festival held every year on the 15th and the 16th of August, on the Sannomaru Square of Sasayama Castle. Although the festival has been part of the Japanese culture for over 60 years, the folk song Dekanshobushi has been around for much longer.


    Event: Tamba Sasayama Dekansho Festival Held: on the 15th and the 16th of August Address: Sasayama, Kitashinmachi 2-3 Sasayama Castle Sannomaru Square Phone Number: 079-552-1111 (Sasayama City Commerce, Industry, and Tourism Division) Website: (Japanese) Access: get off at Sasayama-guchi Station of JR Fukuchiyama Line, then ride the Shinki Green Bus bound for Sasayama, get off at Sasayama-Honmachi bus stop, and walk for about 10 minutes”


  • September National Wheelchair Marathon

    The National Wheelchair Marathon is held in Sasayama every year in September. The event began with the purpose of public participation and maintaining the physical strength of people with disabilities. It was also started with the wish for the general public to enrich their understanding towards people with disabilities. It will be held for the 29th time in 2017.


    Name: National Wheelchair Marathon Event Venue: Sasayama TEL: +81-78-362-3237(Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Hyogo Prefecture Para-Sports Association), +81-78-341-7711(Hyogo Prefectural Office) Website: (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Japan Para-Sports Association) Access: From JR Fukuchiyama Line Sasayamaguchi Station, ride Shinki Bus for Sasayama Eigyojo and alight at Nikaimachi, 5-minute walk from bus stop Date: September Participation Fee: 4,000 yen
  • October Tambayaki Pottery Festival

    The Tambayaki Pottery Festival, which runs every year for two days during the middle part of October, is an event in which visitors can enjoy tamba pottery and local autumn foods.


    Event Name: Tambayaki Pottery Festival Event Locations: Kondacho and the Kondashisho area in Sasayama city, Tamba Traditional Art Craft Park-Tachikui Sue no Sato, Hyogo prefecture Museum of Ceramic Art, and on location at the various artisan tents. Telephone:079-597-2034 (Tanba Traditional Art Craft Park-Tachikui Sue no Sato) Official Home Page: Access: Take the JR Fukuchiyama Line to Aino Station. From the station hop on board the complimentary City Loop Bus and get off at Tachikui Sue no Sato (craft park). Date of Event: The middle of October
  • October Tamba Sasayama Aji Matsuri

    Kuro edamame (black soybean), a Tamba specialty, appears on the market in early October. After the season opens, the Tanba Sasayama Aji Matsuri (food festival) is held during the three consecutive holidays in October.


    Tamba Sasayama Aji Matsuri Address: Hyogo, Sasayama, Kita-shinmachi, Sannomaru Hiroba (Sasayama Castle) Telephone: +81-79-552-1111 (Tanba Sasayama Aji Matsuri Committee) URL: Access: From Sasayamaguchi Station (JR Fukuchiyama Line), ride the Shinki Green Bus to the “Sasayama Honmachi” bus stop. It is a ten minute walk to the festival grounds. During the festival, there is a shuttle bus service between Sasayamaguchi Station Higashiguchi (east gate) and Sasayama Civic Center. The one way trip fare is 300 yen. Date: Early October
  • November Sasayama’s Chrysanthemum Exhibition

    Every year at the beginning of November, a two-week exhibition is held to celebrate the chrysanthemums of Sasayama.


    Title: Sasayama City’s Chrysanthemum Exhibition Address: Sasayama City, Kita-Shinmachi 48-29. Otemae South Parking Lot Site TEL: 079-552-1111 (Sasayama City’s Chrysanthemum Lovers Association) URL:N/A Access: JR Fukuchiyama Line Sasayamaguchi Station. From the west exit, take the Shinki green bus towards Sasayama’s Business Office and get off at Nikaicho. It’s a five-minute walk from there. Event Day: The beginning of November Price: Free
  • November Taki Range Alpine Route Mountain Climbing Event

    The Taki Alps consist of numerous mountain peaks including Mitake Peak (the highest at 793m), Koganegatake Peak in the east (726m), and Nishigatake Peak in the west (727m).


    Name: Taki Range Alpine Route Mountain Climbing Location: The Taki Mountain Range near Sasayama city in Hyogo prefecture. Telephone:079-552-1111 (Sasayama City Hall-Commerce and Tourism Division) Official Home Page: (English) Access: From the west exit of Sasayamaguchi Station (JR Fukuchiyama Line) take a taxi. It’s about twenty minutes to both climbing course meeting places. Access by bus to Kurikara Health Center: From the west exit of Sasayamaguchi Station (JR Fukuchiyama Line) take a Shinki Green bus headed for Kusayama onsen, and get off at Kurikaraguchi or Kurikaraoku bus stop. *Note: The parking lot has limited space, so if possible please try to car pool. Date of Event: November Cost: Free of charge


  • January The Venerable Old Man

    Every year on the first of January, at 12:20 a.m., starts Japan’s very first Noh play of the year. “The Venerable Old Man is performed on the stage of Kasuga Shrine (Kurooka). Combined with the spring play “Sasayama Kasuga Noh” and the autumn play “Tamba Noh” (performance currently suspended), these 3 are known as The Great Three Tanba Noh Plays.


    Title: New Year’s Day Noh – The Venerable Old Man TEL: 079-552-0758(Sasayama City Chamber of Commerce) 079-506-1535(Tamba Sasayama Tourist Association) URL:  Access: JR Fukuchiyama Line (Get off at Sasayamaguchi Station and take the Shinki green bus towards Sasayama’s Business Office. Get off at Kasuga Shrine Mae) Date and Time: January 1st, 12:20 a.m. Price: Free


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