Kawaramachi Tsumairi Merchant House Group

Japan, 669-2325 177-1 Kawaramachi, Tamba Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture

``Kawaramachi'' is a townscape created by moving the river course to the south when Sasayama Castle was built. First, in 1610, Kannon-ji Temple and Shinpuku-ji Temple were moved from Yakami Castle, and the construction of townhouses began the following year. In 1711, there were 153 houses, which is said to be almost the same number as today. Stretching out approximately 600 meters on both sides of the narrow, winding road typical of castle towns, there are endless rows of ``merchant houses'' with ``gabled'' half (middle) two-story tile roofs, all of which are openings. Each is built to fill the entire site, and has a frontage of about 5 to 8 meters, but a depth of about 40 meters. The front façade used to consist of a large door and a ``senbon lattice'', ``rough lattice'', or ``shitomi''. The windows on the half (middle) second floor are ``mushiko-mado'' with ``extruding lattices'' and thick lattices covered with plaster, and there are also side walls and udatsu.

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