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Travel Planning
Made Easy

Starting 2021
MATCHA Smoothy is under development; images may differ from the final service.

Beta Release Information & Updates


A collection of all the places you're interested in.

We all love traveling, but searching for routes and planning schedules can be a hassle. If there were a simple way to make a personalized travel schedule, you could enjoy your trip even more! MATCHA is launching a new service to make planning your trip to Japan easy.

Step 01

Make a list of your travel destinations.

MATCHA media, social media, friends' recommendations - you can add places no matter where you find them!

Step 02

With a map view and drag-and-drop interface,
making your plan is easy!

Confirm sightseeing spots and maps all on one screen; no more switching between different apps and tabs.

Step 03

Calculate travel routes and times with the touch of a button.

Routes are automatically added between selected locations, generating a complete daily schedule.

Other Features

Nearby Location Reccomendations

Reccomended locations close to the destinations in your plan.

Flight and Hotel Reservations

You can save your flight and hotel information in the same place, managing your whole trip in one place.

Simple Integration With MATCHA Media

Fun locations you find with MATCHA can be added to your travel plan on the fly!

Starting 2021

Beta Release Information & Updates

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Release schedule is subject to change; we prioritize the development of functions requested by our customers.