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MATCHA is one of the biggest inbound tourism media companies in Japan, visited monthly by around 3.4 million people from over 240 countries and regions.

We cover everything Japan-related in ten different languages, from sightseeing and food to culture and practical information. Our content is created and curated by expert editors from around the globe who are passionate about Japan. We offer not only online articles, but a comprehensive travel platform, catering to all who plan to visit or are currently in Japan. From trip planning services like accommodations and tour bookings, to WiFi reservations and coupons usable during your trip, MATCHA strives to support and exceed every traveler's needs and expectations.


We help you plan your trip to Japan!

MATCHA covers the best destinations in Japan, from famous spots to places off the beaten path. Our articles offer tips on how to travel efficiently and economically.

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A wide range of content

Our articles respond to the needs of various types of travelers. Whether it's your first time traveling to Japan or you've been here several times already, you'll find the best tips for your trip on MATCHA.

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You can download and use the MATCHA app to plan your trip or during your travels. Bookmark your favorite articles and destinations, receive the latest travel tips, and find inspiration for your trip.



Multi-language content

Our content is available in 10 languages, including Easy Japanese.

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Our Company

We are inbound tourism professionals, specialized in delivering the best of Japan to audiences across the world.

Our Vision
Help Preserve Japan's Valuable Cultures
Our Mission
Create a Japanese Experience that Exceeds Expectations

Japan is full of amazing traditional cultures. From the arts to washoku cuisine, craftsmanship, and architecture, many aspects of life in all regions of Japan have been passed down for generations. Some customs, however, are disappearing, prompting people to take action to try to preserve these valuable traditions. On the other hand, contemporary anime and manga also represent powerful parts of Japanese culture.

Respecting traditions. Adapting to the new.
Both are valuable, and both are part of Japan’s culture.

MATCHA works to reach people around the world through photos and writing based on our real experiences and face-to-face conversations with people throughout every region of Japan. We strive to create content that conveys the essence of Japanese culture in an interesting and inspiring way, so that more people will visit and experience this country for themselves.

We believe one of the most memorable experiences of travel is the people you meet.

Through MATCHA, we hope you can learn about Japan and preview some of its culture. We also hope you will travel through the country, walk around towns, and meet the people here. We hope you will have an adventure in Japan that goes beyond your expectations. After your trip, we hope you will share your experiences with someone––in this way, Japanese cultures will continue on through your experiences and your stories.

It is our calling to help you create this story.

Our Values

Think Visionary

We keep our ideals high and push boundaries.


We put our individual strengths together to create new value and possibilities for our business partners and each other.

Be Professional

Each of us is a professional in our respective fields, acting with leadership and a strong sense of responsibility, while striving to achieve the best result for every situation.


We Love Japan!
We are very passionate about all aspects of traditional and contemporary Japanese culture, from castles and tea ceremony, to cafes and anime.
We Value Diversity
Our members come from various backgrounds and have diverse lifestyles, including special dietary needs. We include vegan and halal options at company gatherings.
MATCHA supports our employees with family obligations with well-developed childcare leave and maternity leave policies.
We have fun extracurricular club activities for socializing outside the office.
A Global Team
Our members are from Japan and many other countries from around the world.
We value each other's opinions at all times.
Our diverse perspectives result in new solutions and innovative ideas.
Travel Is Our Second Nature
We love traveling!
We always have snacks available from various regions of Japan at our office.
We can work while traveling.

We are seeking new members to join the MATCHA team!

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