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Asakusa is Tokyo's historical district, a place where you'll find the roots of Tokyo culture along with new trends and developments. Sensoji Temple, the oldest temple in Tokyo, stands in the heart of Asakusa while on the other side of Sumida River rises Tokyo Skytree, creating a beautiful contrast to Asakusa's nostalgic feel.

Well-established shops and dining places with a traditional atmosphere flourish along stylish cafes and boutiques opened by enthusiastic young owners. What all local entrepreneurs have in common is their love for Asakusa, their hospitality toward visitors, and their dedication to help this district grow.

MATCHA had its headquarters in Asakusa for seven years since 2015. This special feature introduces all the wonderful places that we hope you'll visit in Asakusa so that you get to know this area and love it as much as we do.


  • Deep Asakusa - Exploring Behind Sensoji Temple


    In Tokyo, the late hours of the night or early morning are times when few people are out on the streets. Even crowded neighborhoods can seem deserted sometimes. Today, we feature Oku-Asakusa, a district where you might not meet anyone if you visit in the morning.

  • Asakusa Station Guide: How to Get to Sensoji Temple From Each Station


    Asakusa is a must-visit spot when visiting Tokyo. There are 4 different Asakusa Stations you can take to travel here! Here we’ll introduce in detail the features of each station and the train lines to take, along with info on how to access Sensoji Temple and its famous Kaminarimon Gate no matter which station you decide to take.

  • 20 Exciting Things to Do in Asakusa - 2024 Guide


    Asakusa is the traditional downtown area of Tokyo and home to many internationally-known sightseeing places. From visiting ancient temples to river cruises or souvenir shopping to Michelin-starred eats, here's what you shouldn't miss out in Asakusa.

Mayuko Shimogishi

We would like you to know the charm of Asakusa beyond its landmarks. Take a walk along the side alleys and you'll find small shops that have been around for decades. How about exploring Asakusa to find your favorite place?

Naoki Mizobata

Among Tokyo's districts, Asakusa boasts many shops with rich history but also new shops with unique concepts. Moreover, it's a place where you'll find reasonably priced accommodation!

Editor in Chief - English
Ramona Taranu

Tokyo's Asakusa area is a place where things inherited from the past coexist with new things that symbolize Japan's aspirations for the future. I hope you get the chance to stroll around this area and feel its charm for yourself.

Editor - Traditional Chinese
Chen Jung

Asakusa has been shaped by the thoughts and lifestyles of many people throughout the ages. There seems to be a rule about this place: while it swiftly adopts new cultures and trends, the core of Asakusa culture remains the same. The streets lined with old beautiful buildings have a nostalgic atmosphere; it's great to just explore them at leisure on foot.

Editor in Chief - Traditional Chinese
Miho Wang

For me, the greatest charm of Asakusa lies in the coexistence of new things and the traditional atmosphere. If you walk along the shotengai shopping streets and the back alleys, you'll find well-established shops with their distinguished features, as well as ideas and innovations brought in by the young generations.