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Get The Perfect Shot Of Tokyo Skytree - Top 5 Photo Spots In Asakusa
  • Get The Perfect Shot Of Tokyo Skytree - Top 5 Photo Spots In Asakusa

Get The Perfect Shot Of Tokyo Skytree - Top 5 Photo Spots In Asakusa

Tokyo 2015.08.07

This article introduces five places in Asakusa where you can enjoy a great view of the Tokyo Skytree. You will be able to take wonderful photos of Tokyo's highest tower!

Translated by Shinji Takaramura

Written by Hori Yuhei

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There are many exciting historical tourist attractions in Asakusa, such as Kaminarimon and Sensoji Temple. But there are some modern sights too that you just can't miss out on.

Asakusa just so happens to be across the river from Japan's tallest tower, Tokyo Skytree.

Although you can see Skytree from almost anywhere in Asakusa, you want to see it from a place where you can take great photos of it as well, right? Here are the top five spots which offer great views of Tokyo Skytree.

Spot No.1: Asakusa Station (Ginza and Tobu Line)

スカイツリービューポイント 銀座線、東武線、吾妻橋 2

After exiting Asakusa Station from either the Ginza Line (Tokyo Metro) or the Tobu Line, Skytree immediately comes into view.

There are many rickshaws in this area, so if you're lucky, you can capture a rickshaw, SkyTree, and the Asahi Beer Tower all in a single photograph!

Asakusa Station
Address: Tokyo, Taito, Asakusa 1-1-1 area

Spot No.2: Kototoibashi Bridge


There are many bridges on the Sumida river, which flows alongside Asakusa, and they all offer great viewing spots.

But the Azumabashi bridge is often crowded with tourists, so it may not the best place to appreciate the Skytree.

The Kototoibashi bridge is less crowded than Azumabashi though, and you'll be able to see the whole tower, so it would a better choice for taking photographs.


After crossing Kototoibashi, the view gets even better at the first intersection. If you want to take a selfie with Skytree, our recommendation would be somewhere near Kototoibashi.

Kototoibashi Bridge
Address: Tokyo, Taito, Asakusa 7-1 area
Access: 6-10 minute walk from Asakusa Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza and Tobu lines)

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