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Asakusa Hoppy Street: Get Tipsy at Traditional Public Bars

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Asakusa, Tokyo's most popular sightseeing area, is home to numerous food spots. Hoppy Street comes to mind when discussing bars and eateries. It offers a charming side to Asakusa that is different from your usual sightseeing attractions.

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Hoppy Street: Bar Hopping in Asakusa

Get Tipsy at Traditional Public Bars on Asakusa Hoppy Street

Hoppy Street is a drinking hub around 80 meters west of the famous Sensoji Temple. The street is lined with several izakaya (Japanese pubs) with an atmosphere reminiscent of a traditional commercial neighborhood. It is always bustling with regulars and overseas visitors no matter when you visit.

Get Tipsy at Traditional Public Bars on Asakusa Hoppy Street

Outdoor table seating is available in front of the shops, making it possible for customers to enjoy delicious food and drinks out in the open. You can’t help but be tempted to drink another glass upon spotting red paper lanterns hanging in the storefronts!

Get Tipsy at Traditional Public Bars on Asakusa Hoppy Street

Each shop has its own unique ambience that blends into a pleasant, cozy space filled with chattering customers.

Hoppy: A Reasonably Priced and Easy-to-Drink Alcoholic Beverage

Get Tipsy at Traditional Public Bars on Asakusa Hoppy Street

The must-have speciality at Hoppy Street is beef tendon stew. This dish is made with thick pieces of beef tendon topped with generous amounts of green onions. It is served with a light soy sauce-based soup that is packed with flavor.

"Hoppy" in Hoppy Street comes from a drink by the same name that is similar to beer. It was released in 1948 by a company called Hoppy Beverage. A unique and popular way to drink this beverage is to dilute it with shochu (distilled alcohol) or other liqueurs. In fact, the beverage's popularity started from the Showa Period (1926-1989).

The drink has an alcoholic content of 0.8%. Low in calories and carbohydrates, it doesn't contain any purines that often cause illnesses like gout. This is why this alcoholic beverage has recently become popular among health-conscious consumers.

Get Tipsy at Traditional Public Bars on Asakusa Hoppy Street

It could be fun to go bar hopping at various pubs lining the street. This will allow you to compare the array of food and drinks available!

Why not immerse yourself into the world of Asakusa's traditional neighborhood on Hoppy Street? Engage in fun, lively conversations while tipsy as you drink and eat specialty stews!

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*This 2022 article is an updated version of an article originally published on March 6, 2014.

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