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8 Must-Visit Places in Asakusa, Including Some With Free Admission

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Asakusa boasts countless facilities where you can learn about Japanese culture. We introduce eight locations that can be visited for free or at a reasonable price such as a tourist information center with a great view of Asakusa, shrines, a free museum of traditional crafts, and more!

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People from around the world who visit Tokyo love Asakusa. You can enjoy the atmosphere of traditional Japan as well as delicious food, all just 15 minutes by train from Tokyo Station.

There are museums, shrines, and countless other places where you can learn about Japanese culture in Asakusa. Today, we'll be introducing eight locations that you really shouldn't miss in Asakusa.

1. Sensoji Temple and Nakamise-dori Street


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Asakusa's number one tourist spot is Sensoji Temple. Kaminarimon Gate, the main temple entrance, is always crowded with visitors taking photos. Beyond the Kaminarimon is Nakamise-dori, a street lined with various Japanese souvenir shops.

8 Must-Visit Places in Asakusa, Including Some With Free Admission

The history of Sensoji goes back to 628 according to temple records. The facility was built as a hall to enshrine a sacred statue of Holy Kanzeon Bodhisattva, which was found in Sumida River by two fishermen brothers, legend says.

Visiting the temple grounds is free of charge. Take the time to explore this temple, as it's the oldest in Tokyo!

2. Sumida Park


Sumida Park is located on the banks of Sumida River. There are several playgrounds and cafes where visitors can take a rest. Tokyo Mizumachi, a complex of shops and dining facilities, opened in 2020 right by the park, making this area ideal for a leisurely walk.

Sumida Park offers great views of Tokyo Skytree and is at the same time one of the best places to enjoy cherry blossoms in Tokyo in spring.

3. Hanayashiki Amusement Park

浅草花やしきで乗るならこれ! オススメのアトラクション8選

Picture courtesy of Asakusa Hanayashiki

Asakusa Hanayashiki, considered to be Japan's oldest amusement park, opened in 1853. It's a unique amusement park even within Japan where you can enjoy the retro rides and attractions.

4. Kappabashi and Food Sample Shops


Photo by Pixta

The Kappabashi district is renowned for the numerous shops that sell cooking utensils. Most popular among them are the food sample shops. A food sample is a copy sample of food made from resin or wax.

Various types, both large and small are displayed for you to admire. You can purchase a food sample that you like as a souvenir, or even try making your own.

5. Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center

8 Must-Visit Places in Asakusa, Including Some With Free Admission

Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center is where to go to learn everything you need about enjoying Asakusa. There's an information desk, computers you can use to search the internet, and an exhibition space.

The eighth floor observation terrace offers a panoramic view of Asakusa and Tokyo Skytree. What's best, this observation terrace can be accessed for free, just like the exhibition spaces on 6F and 7F and the library on the second floor.

6. Edo Taito Traditional Crafts Center

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You can learn about traditional Japanese crafts such as Edo kiriko glassware, woodblock prints, Japanese woodwork, and others at the Edo Taito Traditional Crafts Center. Demonstrations by craftsmen are also held on Saturdays and Sundays every week.

Traditional craft items are available for purchase at the first floor counter; these artisan items make great souvenirs from Japan. This facility is entirely free to visit!

7. Imado Shrine

「招き猫」のふるさと 浅草「今戸神社」で縁結びをお祈り!

Imado Shrine is known to be the home of the maneki-neko, Japan's beckoning cats. You can find many cat figurines on the shrine precincts.

This shrine is dedicated to Izanagi and Izanami, the deities who created the Japanese archipelago and the first married couple in Japanese mythology. They are considered to be the protectors of love and marital relationships.

8. Hoppy Street


Hoppy Street is famous for its retro Japanese bars. Many of the shops offer hoppy, a Japanese alcoholic beverage, as well as hot pot and monjayaki dishes among other specialties. This street is always bustling with visitors and local regulars.

The facilities introduced above are all tourist spots that can be enjoyed free of charge or at a reasonable price. We hope this article will help you enjoy Asakusa to the fullest!

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