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What is Hoshino Resorts?

Unique accommodation facilities found in 35 locations throughout the country, the facilities run by Hoshino Resorts are ideal places where you can fully savor the charms of Japan.
There are English speaking staff at each facility, enabling visitors from across the globe to experience the full breadth of Japanese hospitality without fear of communication issues or inconveniences.
Their brands include HOSHINOYA, KAI, RISONARE and OMO.

Japanese Cultural Experiences and Cuisine You Can Only Enjoy Here

Guests can participate in various programs which include tea and sake tastings, Japanese kenjutsu (swordplay), and events where you can appreciate Japanese traditional arts, such as shamisen concerts.The dishes, prepared using fresh local ingredients, are comparable to those served at Japan's finest restaurants.
Guests that stay at Hoshino Resorts and take part in these special experiences are sure to say "I'm so glad that I came to Japan!"

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