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Hanayashiki Amusement Park, Top 8 Attractions

Hanayashiki Amusement Park, Top 8 Attractions

Translated by GonzalezLaura

Written by Hori Yuhei

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Introducing the 8 best spots in what is known to be a Japan's oldest amusement park, "Hanayashiki".

浅草花やしき 20

Asakusa has what might well be called Japan's oldest amusement park, "Hanayashiki". Today, we have eight attractions in specific that we'd like to introduce.

With a Free Pass, You Can Enjoy Hanayashiki to Your Heart's Content!

Hanayashiki features a ticket system at their park, which means you pay using tickets to get on the rides. 1 ticket is 100 yen. The amount of tickets you need depends on the attraction. For example, you might need 5 tickets to get on a roller coaster.

Therefore, if you're looking to get your money's worth, we recommend the Free Pass (a separate fee from the entrance fee). Foreign guests can request one at the entrance gate by saying "Furee pass o kudasai".

Below we listed the prices for the Free Pass, which varies depending on age (Current July 2015):

Adults (Junior High School Student-64)            2300 Yen
Children (Elementary School Students)            2000 Yen
Seniors (65 and older)                                      1800 Yen
Children (2 and under)                                      1800 Yen

Matcha's TOP 8 Recommended Spots!

① Roller Coaster

花やしき ローラーコースター 5

This roller coaster in specific has a long history at Hanayashiki. It's been running since 1953, which means this grandpa coaster is already into it's 60's.

The back of the coaster features the Chinese character "還" (kan), which means 60. The official site states, "Top Speeds Reaching just 42km/h!", but when actually riding on the roller coaster, the speed fluctuations are intense, and leave you feeling like you were going a whole lot faster.

Having 60 years of experience under its belt though, this coaster will give you thrills, and not just a quick ride.

Price: 5 Tickets or a Free Pass

② Space Shot

花やしき スペースショット 2

Space Shot is a certified 'scream machine', shooting you up to 60m in an instant. At the top, depending on where your chairs are located, you can see the Tokyo Sky Tree, or Asakusa's Sensouji Temple,

Price: 5 Tickets or a Free Pass

③ Pyon Pyon

花やしき ぴょんぴょん 9

So you want to try riding the "Space Shot", but you don't quite meet the height requirements and, (let's face it) it's a little frightening. Here then comes our next recommendation, "Pyon Pyon".

It's a ride that both adults and kids can enjoy, making it possibly the most alluring attraction in Hanayashiki.

Price: 2 tickets or a Free Pass

④ Bee Tower

浅草花やしき bee タワー 10

The "Bee Tower" is Hanayashiki's most famous and most particular ride. This is not exactly a 'scream machine' as it takes you up to 45m and slowly spins you around the tower.

浅草花やしき beeタワー 11

You can take in a bird's eye view of Asakusa and the Skytree. You can also take pictures of the scenery from atop the floating cottage.

Price: 3 Tickets or a Free Pass


花やしき ディスク・オー 8

This ride will satisfy all your thrill seeking needs when you entrust your body to DISKO's centrifugal force as it swings around like a pendulum on track; it goes up and down from side to side, all while the disk rotates simultaneously.

Price: 4 Tickets or a Free Pass

⑥ Asakusa Labyrinth: Ninja House

花やしき 浅草大迷路 忍ノ砦 7

Evade ninja traps as you make your way through this escape mission-esque attraction.

Use your wits, stamina, and luck to get through this obstacle ridden three story fortress, making your way through checkpoints. Become a ninja as you destroy ninja traps on your way to the goal. This ride is also recommended for children.

Price: 1 Time 400 yen (cash only)

 Standard Japanese Attractions

⑦ Panda Car

浅草 花やしき パンダカー 12

Nowadays you don't really see the "Panda Car" too often. If you're talking about amusement parks in Japan though, chances are, the "Panda Car" will be the first thing that comes to mind for a lot of people.


There is a coin slot pictured in the red box in the above photo. Insert 200 yen in this slot to get the panda to move. Hanayashiki's shops also feature "Panda Car" motif souvenirs.

Price: 1 Time 200 yen (cash only)

⑧ Haunted House

浅草 花やしき お化け屋敷 14

In typical "Hanayashiki" style, this haunted house has a sort of antique flavor to it. The theme is based on "Sakura's Vengeful Spirit", a story passed down from the Edo period.

Price: 3 Tickets or a Free Pass

浅草花やしき 縁日コーナー17

In addition to the rides, the park also features a fair games corner, as well as a games corner.

The fair games corner has a wide array of games reminiscent of Japanese summer festivals such as: a shooting gallery, crayfish fishing, and a cotton candy machine amongst many others. For those of you who haven't yet experienced Japanese summer festivals, how about trying them out in this corner?

We introduced our top 8 picks here, but there are many more enthralling attractions at the park. Please stop by the park after visiting Sensoji and the Kaminari Gate.


Asakusa Hanayashiki

Address: 2-28-1 Tokyo-to, Daito-ku, Asakusa
Business Hours: 10:00-18:00 (Subject to change due to season and/or weather)
※Last Entry: 30 minutes before closing
No Credit Cards Accepted
Multilingual Accommodation: Attraction display boards have explanations in English
Nearest Station: 3-minute walk from Asakusa Station from the Tsukuba Express
5-minute walk from Asakusa Station from the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Tokyo Metro Asakusa Line, and TOBU Skytree Line
Telephone: 03-3842-8780
Official HP: 浅草花やしき

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