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Feeling Itchy? Japan’s Must-Have Anti-Itch Bug Bite Products

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Got a bug bite in Japan? This article introduces effective anti-itch and insect-repellent products sold at convenience stores and drugstores throughout the country. Learn costs, what works, and how to enjoy outdoor activities in Japan comfortably and safely with these handy remedies.

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Japan’s Go-To Anti-Itch Bug Bite Products

In the summer and humid months in Japan, mosquitoes and insects thrive and naturally gravitate towards humans. Bites can result in itchy, painful marks that can put a damper on traveling.

Luckily, anti-itch creams, liquids, and other relief products are sold at Japanese pharmacies and stores throughout the country, often costing less than 1,000 yen. This article covers effective products for rashes, itches, and repelling bugs that will keep you comfortable.

1. Muhi S


Muhi is an anti-itch cream that has long been loved in Japan. This ointment is easy to spread and leaves little residue behind. Its compact size makes it easy to carry around in a pouch, and because it doesn’t stimulate the skin very much, you can use it whenever you want.

Muhi is effective not only for bug bites but for heat rashes and skin rashes, too. Muhi is also sold in a liquid form, so choose whichever is best for you. Muhi is sold for about 500 to 600 yen with tax for an 18-gram tube. You can find it on Amazon Japan and buy it online, or in stores.

2. Kinkan


Kinkan is a liquid anti-itch medication. Open the cap and the upper part of the bottle becomes a sponge, so you can lightly apply it to the affected area without getting your hands dirty. If you scratch the itch too much beforehand, you may feel an extremely intense stinging sensation when you apply it though.

Kinkan is also effective on stiff shoulders, relieving pain from impact injuries, and for sprains too, so it’s convenient to carry a bottle around.

Kinkan costs around 700 to 1,000 yen for a 50-ml bottle. You can find Kinkan on Amazon Japan and in stores.

Unakowa Cool Punch

Unakowa Cool

Unakowa Cool Punch is another common liquid anti-itch medication. It has a brush which you can use to apply the liquid to your skin, and it gives just the right amount of stimulation. Of course, it works to alleviate itching, but Unakowa Cool also cools your skin if you rub it on and wait a few minutes, which is pleasant in summer.

Unakowa Cool Punch costs 500 to 600 yen, depending on the store, for a 50-ml bottle. Amazon Japan also carries Unakowa Cool Punch.

Prepare Yourself Before You’re Stung! Insect Repellent Products

Kinchol Insect Repellent with Powder


Kinchol is a standard insect repellent in Japan. To use it, just point it at your skin and spray it on. The spray also contains powder, so if you use just a little bit it feels refreshing.

Kinchol is approximately 500 yen for a 300 to 450-ml can; purchase it on Amazon Japan by clicking here.

Say Goodbye to Bugs with Mushi to Baibai Non-Gas Type and Skin Guard Aqua

Mushi to Baibai Mist Type

Mist-type repellents, like Mushi to Baibai (around 300 yen for 200-ml) and Skincare Aqua Guard (around 400 yen for 50ml) are small and easy to carry around than spray cans, and are better sellers. These products don’t feel sticky when used on the skin, so we recommend them too.

Mushi to Baibai can be purchased online via Amazon Japan for approximately 300 yen. Skin Guard Aqua is also for sale on Amazon Japan, and can be purchased for around 400 yen.

Mushi Yoke Bracelet Alpha

Repellent Bracelet

If you want to keep bugs away after a shower, but don’t want to put anything on your skin, we recommend insect repellent bracelets. These bracelets use lemon eucalyptus oils that insects hate, which will prevent them from coming anywhere near you.

You can even wear these bracelets on your ankles too, as they're made from elastic or silicon and fit quite comfortably. A pack of bracelets costs around 600 yen. Click here to view and purchase them on Amazon Japan.

Where to Buy Anti-Itch and Insect-Repellent Products in Japan

The products listed above can all be found for sale on Amazon Japan. For in-person shopping, try drugstores, Don Quijote, and even some convenience stores. Supermarkets may even sell some in the non-food product aisles. Items in stock will vary by location, so ask the staff for more information.

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