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Don Quijote Akihabara: Japanese Souvenirs For Great Prices

Don Quijote Akihabara: Japanese Souvenirs For Great Prices

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Get lost in a sea of goods at Don Quijote. This store chain offers all kinds of products, but at the Akihabara location, you'll find some unique treasures!

Translated by Eri Sasaki

Written by Koshizuka Misato

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With locations throughout Japan as a total discount store, Don Quijote sells a wide range of products including food, daily necessities, medicine, and variety goods.

Many of the customers are astonished by the fully displayed products inside the store. Most of them are sold for a reasonable price, so the store is famous both among tourists and Japanese locals. We would like to introduce a unique Don Quijote location, "Don Quijote Akihabara".

What kind of place is it?


In this store, genres of products are divided into each floor as it sells a wide variety of goods.

Food, medicine, and daily necessities are on the 2nd floor. Sundry goods, fashion goods, toys, automobile and bike goods are on the 3rd floor. Home electrical appliances, bicycles, and brand goods are on the 4th floor. The 5th floor is their cosplay-kan (castle), selling a wide variety of cosplay goods.

The "Cosplay-kan" only exists at the Akihabara location!


The unique facility of Don Quijote Akihabara is definitely this "cosplay-jan" on the 5th floor, where you can find everything for your cosplay...such as cartoon character costumes, maid dresses, and school uniforms.


Lots of people visit this "cosplay-kan" every day thanks to its fascinating line-ups! Maybe you want to get a costume as a souvenir?

Popular Japanese souvenirs in Don Quijote


Not only ordinary customers but also tourists who are seeking Japanese souvenirs visit Don Quijote. We would like to introduce some of the most popular souvenirs that have been purchased by mostly foreign tourists.

Unexpected but popular products - Made in Japan medicine


Soon after the escalator from the 1st floor, there is a medicine booth nearby. Poultices, eye drops, ointment...customers are always looking for those high-standard and "made in Japan" medications.


This hot eye mask is extremely popular! It warms up your eyes, which makes you feel relaxed. Before you sleep or when you are tired, wearing this mask will be absolutely efficient for recovery.

Surprisingly, some of the customers get them by the box!

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The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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