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Near Asakusa Station! The Golden Flame on the Asahi Super Dry Hall

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The Asahi Super Dry Hall, which is visible from Asakusa, is known for the large, golden sculpture on its roof. Read on to learn more about the significance of the mysterious object and the excellent dining facilities within the Super Dry Hall and Asahi Beer Tower.

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A Must-See in Asakusa! The Mysterious Golden Object

Guide To The Asahi Building And Golden Flame In Asakusa - Tips And Access

If you are in the Asakusa Station area and look towards Sumida River and Tokyo Skytree, you will likely notice a mysterious golden object (pictured above) across the water.

The large, golden sculpture on top of Asahi Beer Building's Super Dry Hall is part of the main headquarters of the famous domestic beer company.

Read on to learn more about this unusual landmark visible from Asakusa and what you can do at one of Japan's favorite beer brewery headquarters.

A Golden Flame Representing Passion

Asahi Building

Many visitors to Asakusa and Sensoji Temple may be confused by the monument's appearance and meaning.

There are several theories and ways of looking at the sculpture, but it is actually meant to be shaped like a flame. It represents the passion and dedication Asahi Breweries has for brewing and was installed in 1989 for the company's 100th anniversary.

The building the flame sits on is called the Super Dry Hall and belongs to Asahi Breweries, a leading drink and food manufacturer in Japan.

The high-rise building standing beside it is the Asahi Beer Tower, home to the headquarters of Asahi Breweries. This building was designed in the image of a pint glass full of beer with foam on top.

The two buildings and the golden flame were designed by French artist Philippe Starck.

How to Get to the Asahi Super Dry Hall and Golden Flame

Asahi Beer Building

Getting to the Super Dry Hall and the flame is easiest from exit 4 of Asakusa Station.

A landmark to look for is the Azumabashi Bridge, which spans over the Sumida River. This bridge leads directly to the Asahi Breweries headquarters and the flame. You'll reach your destination in about 5 minutes on foot.

Dining at the Asahi Super Dry Hall and Asahi Beer Tower

Guide To The Asahi Building And Golden Flame In Asakusa - Tips And Access

The Super Dry Hall and Asahi Beer Tower are home to several dining facilities. If you visit, do try some of the local specialties they offer.

On the first and second floor of the Super Dry Hall, you'll find Flamme d'Or, a restaurant where you can enjoy draft beer brought directly from the brewery, snacks that go great with beer, as well as various types of food courses.

The Asahi Beer Tower has two restaurants on the 21st floor: Restaurant Alaska Azumabashi Store, which offers course meals for lunch and dinner, and the Japanese Restaurant Mochizuki Azumbashi Store, where you can enjoy refined Japanese cuisine in an elegant wooden interior.

On the 22nd floor, you'll find the Asahi Sky Room, a lounge with an observation deck. This location offers a panoramic view of Asakusa, Sumida River, and Tokyo Skytree.

We hope you enjoy your time at the Asahi Beer Tower and Super Dry Hall.

Asahi Super Dry Hall
Address: Tokyo, Sumida, Azumabashi 1-23-1 Asahi Super Dry Hall
Nearest Station: Asakusa Station
Website: Asahi Super Dry Hall

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