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TAX FREE Maximum of 10% selected items 7% OFF


Please show this coupon when you pay.
Cannot be used with other coupons or discounts.
Customers who are passport holding tourists and do not live in Japan are eligible for a tax refund.
Customers who do not have their passports or have visas valid for more than 6 months are not eligible for a tax refund.

Expiry Date 2025-12-31 23:59:59

Conditions of Use

  • Tax rate from time of publishing.
  • DM, items shown on the store flyer, deal of the day items, items of limited stock,clearance items, mobile phones, Surface, VIAO, Apple products,
  • Amazon products, PC parts, watches, toys, game consoles, game software, related game console products, audio/video software, books, liquor, and every kind of cash voucher and other items are excluded from discount.
  • Excluding consumables, purchases of general items 5,000 yen or more are eligible for tax refunds.
  • In regards to consumables, if the purchase amount at one store in one day is from 5,000 yen up to 500,000 yen, then it is eligible for a tax refund.
  • Daily necessities purchased for the purpose of being sold abroad are not eligible for tax refunds.
  • Please contact a sales associate for more information.
  • If the merchandise you purchased tax-free is no longer in your possession (i.e. consumed or lost) prior to leaving Japan, the exempted consumer taxes including the local taxes will be collected.
  • Please do not open your merchandise prior to leaving Japan.
  • Merchandise opened or used prior to leaving Japan will become ineligible for tax refund.
  • Sum prices of general items and consumables costing over 5,000 yen are considered tax free.
  • However, conditions for consumables also apply to general items.